New Hand Brake and Static Shifter Paddles from Fanatec

Fanatec has taken a break from their barrage of new rims for the ClubSport Wheel to unveil the ClubSport Hand Brake and ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles.  The hand brake features an analog axis, metal construction, multiple mounting positions (see video below) and can either be connected to the ClubSport USB adaptor or plugged into the ClubSport pedals.

And to help appease the Forza crowd who have been longing for compatible hardware, the hand brake can be used in Forza if it is connected to the pedals.  The hand brake will be available very soon for 99,95 USD / Euro (exc. tax / incl. tax).

For your favorite drifting or rally sim comes the ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles, allowing you to correctly shift no matter where your hands are.  The static shifters feature a quick release system that allows you to quickly mount and unmount them as you jump from car to car.  The shifters have many levels of adjustment (see video below) and can be purchased in default black aluminum or optional carbon fiber.

The static paddles will be available this summer for 79,95 USD / Euro (excl. tax / incl. tax).

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