Gran Turismo Sport – Version 1.15 Also Adds Official Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel Support

Especially content-wise today’s Gran Turismo Sport patch is quite impressive. But what might be of even more importance is the support for select Fanatec peripherals, which has, after a long wait, finally been added. Thanks for pointing this one out in the comments on our previous post!

Compatibility Mode No More?

Previously, Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel owners would have to switch to a so-called compatibility mode which Fanatec included in its firmware release alongside the launch of Gran Turismo Sport to ensure compatibility. Polyphony was not able include the Fanatec SDK in time, as it was stated back in October last year.

Version 1.15, which we talked about yesterday, of Gran Turismo Sport now adds official support for:

According to Thomas Jackermeier, support is not yet fully completed but Kazunori Yamauchi himself ensured that future updates will add all the features necessary.

Both will also meet very soon to discuss not only peripheral support but the future in general – the beginning of a “solid long-term relationship” as Jackermeier describes it.

As mentioned, do not expect support to be perfect as of now.

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