Fanatec Unveils Flat1 Rim for ClubSport Wheel

Fanatec continues their onslaught of rims for the ClubSport Wheel with the unveiling of the Flat1 rim.  For those playing along at home that’s the fifth rim to be unveiled in the past two weeks.  The Flat1 rim features a flat top and bottom 270mm rim wrapped in suede and large paddle shifters.  It shares some parts from the Round1 rim unveiled last week with the same button clusters (mounted in a different orientation and more of them) and gamepad looking buttons on the top, backside of the rim.  Unlike the Round1 though, a tuning display sits on top of the gamepad.

The rim will be available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax).  Fanatec cryptically posted on their site that “we are not done yet…”.  I guess if five rims are good then more must be better!


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