Fanatec Universal Adapter Unveiled

It’s no secret that Fanatec has gone off the deep end with announcements, and it looks like they’ve saved the best for last. A lot of people have asked for the ability to use their aftermarket wheels on the Clubsport Wheel Base, and Fanatec has listened. They have just revealed the Universal Hub, allowing you to use your setup however you want it.

The Fanatec Universal Hub¬†will allow you to mount any of Fantec’s recently unveiled wheel rims, as well as any aftermarket wheel rim, giving you hundreds of options. You can also customize you button layout, with a wide variety of add-on components included with the hub:

  • 4 x small button boxes with 3 buttons each
  • 2 x small levers and 2 x long levers
  • 1 x pair of small shifter paddles
  • 1 x pair of large and fully adjustable shifter paddles
  • 1 x Encoder with 7 functions: turn left, turn right, up, down, left, right, push
  • LED display to show Tuning and telemetry info. Can we used in two positions
  • USB charging port (no data)
  • Extra connector for another button box
  • Data port for extra expansion of functionality

The hub also includes 16 buttons on the top, so even if you don’t want to use the components, you can still have full Playstation functionality. The button boxes will also be mapped to PS functions, so you can use those if that’s your preference. As of now, joysticks and vibration functions are not supported, but may be rolled out in the near future.

The Fanatec Universal Hub will come out this summer and retail for $250. All of the new Fanatec rims will retail sans-adapter for $100 apiece. What do you think of the latest unveiling? Let us know in the comments.

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