Fanatec – Podium Series Teased Ahead of SimRacing Expo

The SimRacing Expo 2017 held at the infamous Nürburgring is imminent and Fanatec has already teased one of its new products which will be on display and is part of the new Podium Series.

A new Fanatec product, any details?

As of now, only very few. The one thing we know is that the Podium series will be positioned above the ClubSport series and the first product will be on display at this year’s SimRacing Expo.

Since Fanatec is only talking about one product, which is supposed to be high-end, and we know that a direct drive wheel is on its way, it is very likely that the new product is the eagerly anticipated direct drive wheel.

More info the product became evident a couple of weeks ago. You can head here, for our corresponding article.

More news to be expected in the coming days.


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