Fanatec – This is the New CSL Elite McLaren GT3 Wheel

Fanatec’s Black Friday sale is still ongoing and with that, the German sim gear specialist introduced the Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 wheel, exclusively available for pre order during Black Friday weekend.

“An exact reproduction”

The new rim really is full racing. It was modelled after real CAD data from McLaren and is supposed to be an exact representation of the wheel used in current McLaren GT3 cars – just with a couple of sim racing additions.

Apart from most likely outstanding build quality, the CSL Elite McLaren GT3 wheel will also have a dual-clutch system, just like real F1 cars for example.

However, if you are not driving an F1 car, you can also remap one of the clutches to be a handbrake – just by the flick of a button.

Speaking of buttons, there are quite a few of them, including Fanatec’s FunkySwitch (a “5-way digital joystick with rotary function”) and lots more.

As the wheel is officially licensed for Xbox One, two sets of button labels are available.

Furthermore, in typical Fanatec manner, a little display for adjustments was also added. This time in form of a 1″ 128×64 OLED Display.

For info on your regional pricing, head to Fanatec’s website, pick your region and click on the Black Friday banner. If you are located in the US for example, $ 169.95 will make you a owner!

The wheel is compatible with ClubSport wheelbases v2 and above and the current CSL Elite wheel base line.

The CSL Elite McLaren GT3 wheel is Fanatec’s third wheel licensed by a real car manufacturer. The first two were from BMW and Porsche, both have been out for quite a while now though already. It seems however, that real-world wheels are gaining popularity with the sim racing hardware manufacturers again!

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