Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Wheel Now Available in Europe and Australia

Fanatec has announced its new PS4 wheel called the Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™. But if you are thinking that this is just a PS4 version of the already existing CSL Elite Wheel for Xbox One, which we reviewed by the way, then I am afraid I have to prove you wrong. In fact, it could nearly be treated as the CSL Elite V2(.5).

What’s different then?

Apart from the required changes to make the wheel PS4 compatible, the “motor driver electronics” have been upgraded and now match those of the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5.

Even the wheel’s motor has been upgraded to ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 standards. However, since a different gear ratio is used, “this wheel base has less torque but more speed.”

The rim has also received additional treatment and now sports “perforated genuine leather” and “suede fabric with blue stitching”. It has lost some weight too and the shifter paddles have been “re-designed” and now offer an even more satisfying click.

Fanatec PS4 easter egg answer

Now we finally know what Fanatec’s easter egg mystery was about.

We now also know what Fanatec’s easter egg hinted at – the interchangeable buttons of the new CSL Elite Wheel! This is quite a neat feature and has not been done in this form before. With the wheel comes a set of PS4 button caps as well as a set of racing-style button caps, which can be changed independently, just for that extra bit of realism.

Some upcoming games, e.g. Gran Turismo Sport, are able to take advantage of some “advanced functionality”. What this is exactly is yet to be revealed.

Speaking of game compatibility, thanks to a compatibility mode, the CSL Elite can be used with all ClubSport Wheel Base 2 compatible games. When using compatibility mode. System menu navigation will not work though.

By the way, out of the box the CSL Elite Wheel is only PS4 and PC compatible, adding a Fanatec Xbox One compatible wheel, like the Fanatec P1 Rim, which is already available at a very reasonable price, you can add Xbox One compatibility as well. This could be the multi-platform wheel the community has been waiting for.

Another neat touch, the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel offers support for an analogue handbrake, presumably the Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake.

And if that was not enough already, Fanatec is offering a “special introduction bundle” adding a set of CSL Elite Pedals for only 20€ extra.

Awesome, where do I buy?

This is where I will have to let you down a little. As of now, the CSL Elite is only available in Europe and Australia at 499.95 EUR and 749.95 AUSD. When being asked about availability in the US in the comments, Fanatec responded:

We cannot promise anything but there will be no technical changes to make. It is mostly business related and rather a matter of procedures.

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