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Williams Esports and Razer Have Joined Forces

As you may or may not know, the F1 Esports series has really quite taken off since it was introduced during Codemasters’ F1 2017 lifecycle. Since F1 2018, all the Formula 1 teams now have their own virtual racing teams teams and are now quite literally part of the #SimRacing esports game. And the latest partnership between Williams Esports and Razer proves once again – this is not a one off. Plus, we might even see a new peripheral manufacturer enter the #SimGear market as a result.

The Partnership

In a “strategic partnership”, i.e. sponsorship deal, gaming peripheral and hardware manufacturer Razer and Williams F1’s esports branch have joined forces.

Although the benefits of a sponsorship deal may not directly affect non-Williams Team Esports members, there are definitely a few things worth highlighting here.

Firstly, yet again, this proves that esports and especially #SimRacing are growing at a rapid pace, now being able to attract even more big names, believing in the idea. Other great examples of this are when McLaren and Logitech Gaming partnered up a while back or when Fernando Alonso, Logitech and G2 Esports launched an esports team of their own.

Secondly, Williams Esports will help Razer develop and test new products which of course provides a great opportunity for speculation: Could Razer be entering the #SimRacing / #SimGear market?

Having recently branched out into the laptop and even the phone industry, Razer is definitely aware of and willing to enter new markets.

This would not necessarily have to be in form of a wheel though. As Thrustmaster recently proved, headsets could also be a logical way to go, especially when considering Razer’s current product portfolio.

As of now though, these are only speculative thoughts. But what stands is a new name in #SimRacing esports.

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