Ross Brawn’s Ideas of Integrating Sim Racing into Formula 1

Sim Racing is as popular is never before. There are enough examples to prove this statement. Now it seems that on of the biggest racing series in the world is thinking about taking the plunge into the virtual world with the biggest racing series of the world – Formula 1.

What is being planned?

Two ideas emerged in an article on


Firstly, the FIA is thinking of outsourcing the testing process for new rules into sim racing.

Since F1 changed owners, a lot is being done right now. Especially important, is the entertainment factor races provide. To reduce or even eliminate the boring races, new ideas and rules are needed. And what better way to test them than in the virtual world? The stakes are not that high, no damage can be caused and the community can get involved.

It definitely seems like a feasible idea. Here are the thoughts Ross Brawn, current Formula 1 Managing Director of Motosports, shared at the F1 live event in London:

Where we are looking at improving the racing in the future, there is a huge community of eRacers out there through whom we could potentially put different environments and different changes to the way we race.

We can get them to tell us whether the racing has improved or not.

In the eRacing community, if we change the aero property of the cars and that is fed into their community, does that create a better race or not from their experience?

It is not that far removed from the simulators the real teams use. A lot of the F1 teams use software generated from the games industry to give a more realistic environment for their driver simulators. There is scope in that area as well, which we are exploring.

Virtual Formula 1 events?

To involve the community even more, ideas for the community to take part in virtual live events are being tossed around as well, it seems.

Ross Brawn, regarding the idea:

One of the things we will be taking a serious look at is eRacing engaging with the race itself, he said.

So how do we create the environment where we have a live event going on and the fans are racing their cars in that race.

So, for example, a safety car is called and they have to react in their environment to that. The potential for that is huge.

This brings up the question, what game should be used to make the event as accessible but also as realistic as possible. What do you think?

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