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Fernando Alonso, Logitech and G2 Esports Have Put Together a Virtual Racing Team 

In midst of Thanksgiving, F1 superstar and two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has teamed up with Logitech G and G2 Esports to found a new virtual racing team called FA Racing G2 Logitech G!

A step in the right direction

It is out of question that FA Racing G2 Logitech G is on the best way of becoming a superstar team in the scene. Alonso with his incredible amount of knowledge and expierence in motorsport/ F1, G2 Esports as a big player in the scene, with major successes in for example Leauge of Legends, Counter Strike or Rocket Leauge, and Logitech as a massive hardware manufacturer to back the project.

You might also recognise G2 Esports as the team the World’s Fastests Gamer – Rudy van Buren – is a member of.

The first driver has already joined the team as well. It is none other than Cem Bolukbasi, a finalist in this year’s F1 Esports race.

How far Alonso’s involvements with the team and the scene in general will extend is still unclear, but nevertheless it is great to see such a veteran driver backing sim racing, as an alternative to real racing – something his current employer is already doing extensively.

Or in Fernando Alonso’s words:

Competing on the virtual stage opens a vast amount of possibilities for young drivers that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to get into racing. For the first time ever, fans are no longer just spectators but can take part in the game and maybe become real sim racers on my team.

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