F1 2018 – Post-Release Updates

Sims require updates, and F1 2018 marks no exception. A few weeks have now passed by since Codemasters’ latest title launched and by now, two patches have landed. Both patches mainly contain bug fixes, but a few new features like updated liveries or global leaderboards now being shown in Steam!

Version 1.04 (August 28) – Changelog

  • Updated the Power Unit and Research and Development tutorial videos
  • Updated the default ghost cars for the Classic era in Time Trial
  • Stopped AI cars being teleported to / from the pit lane
  • Improved Multiplayer bandwidth evaluation
  • Improved stability in online sessions
  • Fixed Julian Fébreau being correctly referenced in the broadcast UI (French only)
  • Correctly limited Xbox One voice communication to the number of players shown during loading
  • Improved stability and various other fixes

Version 1.05 (September 4) – Changelog


  • Interviews – Option included to turn off or extend the interview timer – you can find this option
  • in Preferences -> Gameplay Settings -> Press Interview Time Limit
  • Fixed an issue where race fuel load was insufficient to finish a race after using the race strategy practice program in a restarted practice session – NOTE: This fix will only apply after you go to the next Race Weekend. You may also have to complete a Race Strategy Practice Programme for it to take full effect
  • PC – Fixed issues with Thrustmaster T300 wheel
  • PC – Game now works with AMD Phenom CPUs – (without the need to use the Beta workaround) NOTE: These CPUs are below minimum specifications to run the game and are therefore not technically supported, so you may still experience some performance issues
  • Updated the Abu Dhabi tyre compound selections
  • Fixed a crash when fast forwarding an instant replay
  • Re-balanced Medium Traction Control Settings
  • Fixed an issue where AI team mates could become stuck queuing in the pit lane
  • Updated the Baku track map to include all DRS detection zones
  • Improved game stability and various other fixes, including fixing the most common crashes on PC.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the last corner of Shanghai
  • PC – Fixed an issue where resolution changes cause partial black screens during cut-scenes


  • Fixed an issue where hosting a lobby after leaving a classic race resulted in some players being locked to soft tyre compounds
  • Fixed an issue where a dedicated spectator who is a client can get de-synced information for pit lane status in the position list
  • Fixed a crash when spectating qualifying sessions
  • Improved game stability and various other fixes


Version 1.06 (September 10) – Changelog

  • 2018 Car model and Livery Updates
  • Various livery and sponsor logo updates to teams
  • Updated McLaren nosecone
  • Updated Ferrari mirror mountings
  • Updated Force India sidepod turning vane geometry and steering wheel materials
  • Updated Renault front wing and rear wing endplates
  • Updated Haas sidepod turning vanes, mirror mountings and halo geometry
  • Vehicle Performance Updates
  • Can now change AI difficulty between sessions
  • Updated DRS Detection zones for the 2018 Singapore GP
  • Updated Hungary and Singapore Track Map Videos
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to have DRS use on incorrect parts of the track after using instant replay
  • Made some adjustments to the AI R&D Progression in Career
  • Achievements – “Every artist was first an amateur” should now unlock correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the player was being awarded an incorrect 10 place grid drop penalty instead of 5, for changing a gearbox in career
  • Fixed an issue where the player was being awarded a 5 place grid drop penalty instead of 10, for fitting an extra MGU-K, Control Electronics or Energy Store component for the 1st time.
  • Xbox One – Fixed Xbox Voice chat not working
  • PC – Global leaderboards are now showing in the Steam client
  • Multiplayer – Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the host was able to select re-start session after receiving terminal damage
  • Multiplayer – Fixed a deadstate issue for players starting OSQ when the host and secondary host are dedicated spectators
  • Multiplayer – Fixed an issue where cars would spawn on top of each other after joining in progress a OSQ session and then loading into a race
  • Improved stability and various other fixes
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