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F1 2017 Review

Evolution or Revolution?  That must be the question every year for the Codemasters F1 team.  With only one year until the next iteration, do you safely and meticulously evolve what you have, or do you throw it out in favor of a revolution that may not even be possible in the short time frame?

For F1 2017 the answer is “Yes.”

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While you can make the claim that the lineage of F1 2017 started back with Codemasters first F1 title, F1 2010, we’d argue that the beginning was F1 2015.  F1 2015 was an improved driving experience masked behind large content gaps and ridiculous bugs.  But if F1 2015 was the outline of the drawing, F1 2016 was the color.

F1 2016 improved further on the driving, but most of all, eliminated the massive holes such as Career Mode and safety cars, and arrived with far less bugs.  It was a proper evolution of F1 2015 and a solid game.

Like F1 2016, F1 2017 is an evolution too.  It builds on the nice Career Mode of F1 2016 and goes way deep, creating one of the best Career Mode’s we’ve ever seen.  It also further refines things like AI and physics, and while they aren’t perfect, they continue to push the ball further up the hill.

If that’s the evolution, then where’s the revolution?  Will classic World Champion F1 cars do?

While throwing in some classic cars could easily be a half-assed money grab, Codemasters has done a good job integrating them into the game and highlighting their unique characteristics.

Lets be fair, it’s a move that didn’t have to be done.  It was a move I even scoffed at when I first heard of it.  I thought, “How about you just work on getting the new 2017 cars right?”  But this attempt at something new does pay off, and the game is better for it.

We wouldn’t call F1 2017 a full-blown “sim.”  But considering the wide range of people that the F1 franchise has to cater too, these sim racing fans found it to be very entertaining and a worthy game for the F1 license.

00:56 Menus / Settings / Options / Navigation
01:48 Tracks
03:19 Weather
04:02 AI
05:35 Damage Model
07:01 Garage
07:30 Wheel & Pedal Support
07:59 Force Feedback
08:51 Career Mode

10:48 Sound
13:07 Graphics
15:07 Physics
16:39 Rules

17:47 Mouse / Virtual Mirror / VR / Triple Screen Support
19:20 Input Delay

20:05 Billy’s Thoughts
25:33 John’s Thoughts