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F1 2017 – New Trailer Shows What Its Career Mode Will Have to Offer

Codemasters has released a new trailer for F1 2017, showing us what the game’s main selling point, its career mode, will have to offer.

2017 F1 career

As per usual with Codemasters’ F1 games, players will get a chance to compete in the current F1 seasons. One will be able to work their way through various teams to finally clinch the championship title.

This year, it seems that the teams have been modelled with even greater detail.

F1 2017 career mode trailer Toro Rosso F1 2017 career mode trailer Force India celebrating

Furthermore, one will have the chance to work their way through 115 development upgrades.

F1 2017 career mode trailer development upgrades

The practice programmes, which were introduced last year’s iteration of the F1 series, have received additional treatment as well. With that, vehicle management was also improved.

A nice addition are the new track layouts and possibilities, such as Silverstone International and Monaco at night.

F1 2017 career mode trailer Monaco at night

Of course, F1 2017’s classic cars were also mentioned, more on them here. They are directly integrated with the career mode and will be available to drive in overtake challenges, pursuits, checkpoint races, time attacks and of course single and multi-class races.

F1 2017 career mode trailer classic cars racing

You can check out the trailer above.

Not long to go. F1 2017 will release on August 25 on all major platforms.

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