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F1 2017 – Gameplay Trailer Released in Preparation for Upcoming Release

F1 2017 is just about here, less than one month to go. To get the community and potential buyers excited for the game, Codemasters has released a new trailer, showing all of the novelties the game will have to offer.

The 2017 season

As you can see in the trailer, all of the 2017 Formula 1 cars will be available for you to hammer around all of the season’s tracks.

Especially worth noting, is Silverstone, which will come in two layouts this year.

Night races will be driven at night and rain is always a possibility.


Codemasters also undertook some serious efforts to make F1 2017’s audio as realistic and believable as possible. You can check out the improvements right here.


The big talking point – historic cars. All of great historical and of course financial value as well. A total of twelve historic F1 racers from different seasons will be included. You can check out all of them right here.

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen was able to try out F1 2017 pre-release and gave his thoughts in a video. Head over here to hear what he had to say.

Mr. Verstappen was not the only one. John had a go at F1 2017 during this year’s E3 as well. Here is what he thought.

F1 2017 will release on August 25 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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