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F1 2017 – Fourth Classic Car Revealed

Codemasters’ announcement of F1 2017 came with a bang – classic cars! Currently we know of the McLaren MP4/4, the Williams FW14B and the Ferrari F2002. All of these cars have a great history of their own. Now, Codemasters has revealed the fourth of the twelve classic F1 cars, which will feature in F1 2017 – the history-making Red Bull Racing RB6! Codemaster also treated the car to a trailer of its own. You can view it above.

Why history-making?

We can probably expect all of the cars in F1 2017 to be history-making, considering the ones we already know of and the game’s slogan #MakeHistory.

Nevertheless, the Red Bull RB6 is a very special car. Driven by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in 2010 season, Vettel was the one to secure not only his first but also Red Bull Racing’s first F1 championship title. Fun fact, Vettel lovingly called his 2010 cars Luscious Liz, Randy Mandy.

In a total of 19 races, the car was able to secure 9 wins and 15 pole-positions.

As most of the Red Bull cars, the RB6 was designed by engineering and designing mastermind Adrian Newey.

But a team also needs a leader. Here is what Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, has to say about the RB6:

The RB6 is our first Championship winning car, and as such is very special to us. 2010 was a dream year for Red Bull Racing, to achieve our ambition and to do so in such a compelling and dominant fashion was a fitting testament to the car, the drivers and commitment of the team. We are delighted the RB6 is included in the new F1 game as a classic car, it’s certainly a classic to us and I’m sure gamers will love driving it and trying to recreate those golden moments on track.


Remember that only eleven of the twelve classic cars will be available in the standard edition of F1 2017. To get the remaining one – the McLaren MP4/4 – you will either have to buy the Day One Edition of F1 2017 or purchase the car as DLC “at a later date”.

Release is still set for August 25.

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