F1 2014 Sochi Trailer Released

F1 2014 Sochi

Codemasters has been releasing a series of trailers for F1 2014, showing off hot laps around different circuits. Now they have released the latest video, featuring Daniil Kyvat’s Torro Rosso running around Sochi.

Sochi marks the return of the Russian Grand Prix after one hundred years (The last Russian GP was in 1914, 36 years before Formula One’s inaugural season)! The race will be run in and around the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The Russian Grand Prix marks the 16th stop on the F1 calendar, to be run October 12th of this year. This latest trailer gives us a preview of how the street course will flow, a month before the actual race.

F1 2014 is set for release October 17th (21st in North America), and features all the cars and tracks of the this year’s Formula One season. It includes the Red Bull Ring and Sochi, home of the two new races on the 2014 calendar. All of the technical advancements in this year’s season, including the turbocharged V6 engines and ERS systems, are recreated in the game.

If you are looking for your next gen F1 fix, another title will be coming early next year for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It will be released early in the 2015 Formula One season, and will receive free downloadable updates to go along with the season.

Are you going to give F1 2014 a spin when it drops this Fall? Let us know in the comments!