Setting Up Unsupported Wheels in DiRT Rally

The forums are a wonderful place.  This was reaffirmed by one of our members, Richard Macnaughtan (aka Avenga76 around these parts), who posted this excellent guide to setting up unsupported wheels – a new feature – for DiRT Rally.  Thanks to Avenga76’s detailed write-up, wheels like the SimXperience Accuforce are now not only playable but feel great.

Thanks Richard!

The New New Accuforce and Direct drive wheel fix

The first step is the remove my old fix. I don’t know if this is totally necessary but I think it best to start from scratch just in case there is any conflicts. If you have never applied my original fix the jump to step 5

Step 1

Delete or move the Forcefeedback and Input folders


Step 2

Go to Steam, right click on Dirt Rally then click on properties, then go to local files then click on “Verify integrity of game cache”


Step 3

Wait for the validation to complete


Step 4

When the validation is complete you should see “41 files failed to validate and will be reacquired” That is Steam fancy talk for “Steam has downloaded the missing files automatically for you” At this stage your controller files will be like they were after a fresh install so we can move on to the new features.


Step 5 

Go in to the controller preset section. You will see the new Override Device Type!!!


Step 6

There is no way to tell which device is your wheel so set them all to wheel. In this screenshot I have my wheel, pedals, sequential shifter and H-Pattern plugged in. It doesn’t cause a problem if you set them all to wheel. You can select any of the device presets and you will set which device is used for steering in the next step


Step 7

Now you will start with a blank slate. Start off by binding your steering. Note, you will not see the advanced wheel options yet. You will see them after you have bound both steering axis


Step 8

When you are binding the steering you should see the wheel icon. If you see this it means that you have successfully overridden the controller type, but you won’t see the advanced options until you bind both steering axis


Step 9

Now that you have bound both steering axis it will grey out the wheel bindings and enable the advanced wheel options!! yay!!!


Step 10

Bind the rest of your controls


Step 11

go in to advanced wheel options and  you will see that deadzones are back


Step 12

Remove all the deadzones and turn on softlock


Step 13

Scroll down to Calibrate Device. You should see the name of your wheel controller. Click enter to calibrate.


Step 14 

Move your wheel all the way to the lock. You can now use 900 degree and the same will automatically adjust it to match the car like in iRacing or Assetto Corsa etc. The in game wheel animations will still be at 180 degrees


Step 15

Turn your wheel to 90 degrees, it should be very close to what you have set in SimCommander or your wheel software


Step 16

Calibrate your pedals


Step 17

Test your wheel and pedals. If they are working properly then click apply settings


Step 18

Go in to the Vibration and feedback page and change these to your preference. The scope of this tutorial doesn’t cover what settings to use in this section, this comes down to personal preference and there are other articles which cover these settings in more detail. The only thing I would recommend is to turn the wheel friction all the way down, if not off completely because it makes the wheel feel really heavy and dead, with it turned down the cars feel much more alive.


Step 19

Another thing that the new options allow is the ability to use a clutch and H-Pattern. To change this got to your driver profile


Step 20

Now you should see the clutch and H-pattern bindings in the controller setup


Now everything should be up and running with the game FFB

I hope you guys find this guide useful