Logitech G29 Compatibility On PS3

Here’s a quick compatibility check of the G29 with the PS3. We tried it with the G27 shifter like we did on the PS4 and PC.  For the Playstation 3 we tried it with Gran Turismo 5 and 6 as well as Dirt 3 and the wheel and pedals worked fine, but the shifter didn’t and neither did the shift lights. We went back to the G27 to make sure all of those worked with the PS3 and they did.

John also tried the G29 back to back against the G27 and he said they felt identical in regards to force feedback but the G29 pedals definitely felt better due to the brake mod.

So the bottom line is that the G29 is recognized as a Driving Force GT on the PS3. We had hoped it would have the same functionality as the G27, but that wasn’t the case. If you watched our first look of the G29 on the PS4, you would have seen that the G27 shifter worked great on the PS4 while being used with the G29 base.

If you’re looking for a wheel for the PS3 and was considering the G29, you should probably just go with a G27. Now if you want a wheel that’s also compatible with the Playstation 4, then the G29 is the way to go.

That’s going to wrap up this quick compatibility look at the G29 on the Playstation 3. More coverage of the G29 coming soon as we test it on the PC and do a direct comparison of it to the G27 and  Thrustmaster T300. Hope you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you next time.