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DiRT 4 – What We Want – Beyond the Gloves Ep. 1

Presenting episode 1 of Beyond the Gloves.  Yes, it’s a day late – need to figure out how to share massive files with mediocre internet better next week… – but episode 1, DiRT 4 – What We Want, is out and that’s all that matters.

As the name suggests, this week Billy kicks off the show with a discussion about what we expect from DiRT 4 and whether or not the info that’s been released so far supports his and John’s ideal DiRT title or not.

As for John’s topic, he discusses how sim racing has lead him to really caring about other forms of racing he usually wouldn’t blink an eye at.

Hope you enjoy this new angle at long-form sim racing discussion. And if you don’t, we’re sure you’ll let us know in the comments…