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DiRT 4 PC Test Drive + Giveaway – All 3 Landrush Locations

Presenting Test Drive of the PC version of DiRT 4. In this Test Drive, we check out the three locations and vehicles that make up the Landrush portion of DiRT 4.

With an AWD truck, RWD truck and buggy, Landrush makes for some fairly diverse racing, especially with the aggressive AI. Remember kids, rubbin’s racin’.

And if you can’t get enough of DiRT 4, check out our other Test Drives trying out the new Your Stage feature on the PS4 and all 5 Rallycross courses on the PC.

To go along with this video we are giving away 3 copies of DiRT 4, one copy for each platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox One). For more details on how to win, click here.

DiRT 4 Land Rush Truck