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Automobilista – v1.4.8. and the Brazilian Touring Car Classics DLC Have Arrived

As promised in the last development update, Reiza Studios has now released version 1.4.8 of Automobilista and together with that, the Brazilian Touring Car Classics DLC!

A new DLC?

Reiza is definitely not done with Automobilista just yet. The latest DLC, free for season pass owners, adds four classic Brazilian touring car series with four cars to choose from in various different configurations. Want to know more? Head to our blog on Reiza’s latest development update, announcing the new add-on. Alternatively, you can check out the trailer above.

A new patch?

The latest version of Automobilista – version 1.4.8 – fixes the issues Windows 10 users had with DynHUD. Said HUD is now enabled by default again.

As ever, AI played a big role in this patch as well. For example, AMS’s AI now assesses situations four times as fast as before.

Here is the full changelog and below you can find a selection of screenshots from the new DLC. Should you not be a season pass owner, you can purchase the pack on Steam here.


  • Added Brazilian Touring Car Classic series: Copa Classic, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno & Hot Cars (requires ownership of DLC or Season Pass)


  • Fixed DynHUD on Win10 & re-enabled it by default as a config option
  • Fixed bug that could cause game to crash loading old setups with notes
  • Added support to latest Fanatec SDK
  • AI blue flag logic improved: AI cars now move offline to let leaders by, lift proportionally to the amount of throttle they should be doing,and to the speed difference relative to the car approaching
  • Increased rate AI assesses situations by 4x which should result in more appropriate behavior in several racing situations and less off-track excursions
  • Tweaked AI calculations when thinking about passing to reduce the swerving from one side of another car to the other (added AISuddenMoveScalar parameter to car physics, makes cars change lane, react to incidents more gradually)
  • Changed AI Start Behaviour to keep drivers running in a straight line from their grid slot more (added AIStartOffset and AIStartMerge values to car physics – these are how long to stay on the line and how long to merge in seconds)
  • Adjusted default talent values so that AI is better when there is no RCD file or values are missing
  • Rescaled AI aggression levels for latest code changes
  • Fixed possible crash with Season Tool
  • Added Season Tool option for double points in final race of the championship
  • Added regular silent messages by clients in multiplayer (as a possible fix for TCP connection lost issues with client inactivity)
  • Changed logic for “Finish Session” / “Skip Session” logic” – the first now accelerates time to finish the session with properly generated times from the AI, the second advances the session with the current standings (with player put in the back of the grid if not having set a time)
  • Adjusted tire smoke threshold so tires don´t generate smoke on smaller slides or in lock-ups of lightly loaded wheels
  • Added garage pitstop schedule menu to all cars when refuelling is allowed (hidden when it´s not)
  • Velopark: Fixed minor graphics glitches
  • F-Vintage: Fixed collision bug with wheels
  • Ultima GTR: Revised road car physics


Logitech G29 / G920 users: Support for auto rotation is still on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled v1.4.8_G29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.

If you have a bug to report please use the new bug report thread (make sure to check the opening post first).

If you experience any issues running the game following the update, it´s worth running a Steam Integrity Check to make sure all files have been added / updated correctly.

Automobilista Brazilian Touring Car Classics Steam Screenshot 1

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