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Automobilista July Development Update – Past, Present and Future

Reiza Studios’ more or less monthly Automobilista development update, June was skipped, is back and it is packed with infos on past, present and future!


Automobilista version 1.4.5 is out

The latest version of Automobilista really was quite an update. New content was added in form of the full 2017 Stock Car Brasil line-up was added together with a new track – Circuito dos Cristais (Curvelo).

For even better racing action, the Push-to-Pass functionality has been improved, giving the driver 100HP extra for 16 seconds to make an overtake work. To make players use the P2P button even more carefully, Reiza has implemented it according to the 2017 Stock Car Brasil rules, meaning that there is a 5 second delay between pressing the button and the extra power actually kicking in and it cannot be used in the first lap.

Remember, AI now knows how to make use of the button as well.


Speaking of AI, it was greatly improved with the latest update too. It will now consider when to overtake and if things do not quite work out with the first try, it will not back off. Furthermore, it is now aware of other drivers when re-joining the track too.

Gamepad support

This might not be of very great importance for many of you, nevertheless, version 1.4.5 saw some improvements to the damping system of digital and gamepad controllers, making it a more rewarding experience when being played with a couple of (necessary) driving aids on a controller


Many of the existing tracks were updated with new road and terrain textures to meet today’s standards too.

Check out our blog on the version 1.4.5 release right here.

Past (Future)

Brazilian Touring Car Classics DLC

Towards the end of August, Reiza Studios is hoping to release the next DLC for Automobilista. It will be called “Brazilian Touring Car Classics” and will feature some “Hot Cars” from the corresponding series in the early 80s and some further mixed-class examples.

Automobilista Brazilian Touring Car Classics Preview 1


Version 1.5 will mark the final release of Automobilista. However, this does not mean that Reiza is trying to make it any less spectacular than previous releases. By the way, we do not know what will come afterwards.

Several things are planned for the next version:

Surround sound

Surround sound support is just about implemented and will mark a “significant step-up” in terms of immersion.

Extended partnership with Metalmoro

As a result of the extended partnership with Metalmoro and JLM Racing, the new AJR Prototype will be added to Automobilista – for free! Although being a prototype, there is no fancy hybrid wizardry being used here. 600 raw HP from a Honda K20 Turbo engine are available for the driver to wipe the floor with current LMP2 cars. While 600HP may not sound like an awful lot, considering the weight of only 820 Kg and the aerodynamically optimised body, it is no wonder that the AJR Prototype has already proven itself in local endurance series.


The last development update announced the new Ibarra track for Automobilista. This month Reiza has three new preview screenshots to share with us. And yes, the track will be free of charge, and beta testers will be able to try it out in a couple of weeks’ time, before it will be released with the next major update at the end of August.

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