Automobilista Development Update 2017

We have some good news from Reiza Studios about some fantastic updates to their title Automobilista, or as we refer to it, AMS in 2017.  They are working on new cars, including a Fictional 2017 Formula 1 car, but first, lets discuss the Aussie Racing Cars (ARC) Camaro.

This is essentially a motorcycle powered vehicle in the Silhouette of a V8 Camaro. These small pocket rockets are powered by a FJ1300 Yamaha engine producing 125bhp which means there will be a lot of low end torque and engines will rev in excess 10000rpm, so with something that only weighs around 515kg, speeds of around 200kph are achievable, with lap times averaging around 6s slower than a V8 Supercar depending on the track!  More good news is this vehicle will be free of charge and will be included in the base version of the game, as it was originally intended to be DLC. Well done Reiza Studios.


The team at Reiza Studios are also keen to have version 1.3 rolled out by the close of February 2017, and included in this update is the inclusion of dust build up on the raceway.  Currently, this is simulated in the game but has no actual visual impact, so that will be a great addition. Several car physics will be updated in v1.3, including an extensive update of the Boxer Cup Race car. The aerodynamics and chassis have been improved, along with the addition of helper springs which are related to the suspension.  This should make for a noticeable difference to the way this vehicle handles the kerbs, and should be a blast to drive specially around the new Adelaide circuit as this track was famous for its kerb hopping moments in various motorsports over the years, most notably the V8 Supercars.

This leads us on to a new circuit due out at the fall of February 2017.

We have already had the fantastic legendary track update of the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola) and now we can expect Part 2 in v1.3.  Adelaide will be released in 2 versions, one will be the layout used in Formula 1 during 1988 to 1995, it is located in South Australia near the city and its a temporary street circuit. its 2.349 miles (3.780km) in length. As well as F1 it was also used for the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) in 2000. In more recent times the V8 Supercars have run there from 1999 on the slightly shorter version on the circuit 2.012 miles (3.219km)  and the 2nd layout to be in the sim will reflect this recent modern variant. The Stadium Super Trucks around this circuit is something we can all look forward to trying.

Here are a few pictures of some work in progress


Finally there will be some ongoing updates of their Virtual Xperience Portal (VX) and the Community section update in v1.3. From your Steam account you can log in to the Virtual Xperience portal (VX) and customize various areas.  For example, the means to override the information that Steam uses, display name and country flag, giving you a more personalizing experience when using the VX portal, as well as looking up leader board results and comparing times, a great feature where most race sims seem to be adopting, most notably in recent events Project Cars 2 .  More interesting features with VX Portal is the ability to host prize awarding competitions, which will add another dimension to the sim.

The Community section will be a tool to find leagues and races and you can find your preferred race car and track combos, this feature allows the user to find what they want in a more streamlined fashion and its a nice addition to the sim.


Another future update towards the end of March 2017 will include the aforementioned 2017 fictional open wheel race car….or lets be real, the 2017 F1 car.


These look very sleek with a very low rear wing position, and the floor design looks to produce plenty of downforce, we shall have to wait for further developments of this car.

We will keep you posted on more updates as they arrive, the next one due towards the end of March 2017.

Please see below for the Changelog and details of these updates which include Feb/Mar 2017

Build Feb/22:
Revised FFB values to address rattling / performance issues with some wheels (make sure not to use old controller presets)
Revised Supertruck physics & AI
Revised Supertruck layouts & added Kansai, Cordoba layouts
Added HUD type spinner to display UI
Adjusted HUD font for message center & LCD
Revised sound effect volume mixing for all cars
Fixed bug with dirt residue sound from Rallycross lingering on for a bit after changing to another car
Fixed some minor UI issues
Fixed LOD issue causing Supertruck stuttering
Fixed bug with F-classic qualifying tires
Fixed bug with brake / headlight shaders in some cars
Fixed some errors in F-V10 skins
Fixed Londrina 1 loading error
Fixed nightlighting issue in Interlagos Chicane
Fixed TiresAndBrakeWidgetnot not reappearing when gaining back player control from the AI
Fixed error with DynHUD occasionally not working with Metalmoro MR18
Fixed Lancer Rallycross driver names
Added required DirectX 9.0c install to folder
Build Feb/23:
Added Dedicated Server tool
Various DynHUD updates
Added extra default realfeel FFB smoothing for various cars
Updated tire bump, display texture & caliper position for Supetruck
Fixed F-cLassic black squares on cockpit sides
Fixed issues with F-V10 tire textures
Updated default start type for SuperTruck layouts (standing only)
Various UI fixes
Refactored the replay of looping sounds
Adjusted tire softness of several cars to reduce excessive flatspotting effects
New pitbox skins for Stock Car 2015
Build Feb/24:
DynHUD Updates : DeltaTimesWidget keeps it’s stored values even over a HUD reload; Highly reduced delay for start lights; Viewed vehicle is now correctly handled; Handles alt-tabbing to the desktop
UI Updates: Steering rotation added to garage + several fixes
Flatspotting updates: No more flatspotting in low grip surfaces (like grass or dirt) or vibration when off the ground; Switching tire wear off now also switches off flatspotting; Further refinement to flatspotting thresholds and severity (less low load sensitivity, wider & more progressive range to higher final severity)
FFB updates: Reduced excessive smoothing level added in previous build & “parking” forces;
Audio updates: Improved Supertruck sounds + Corrected road rolling & skid effects
Added Salvador Supertruck layout & corrected issues with Goiania Short layouts
corrected mirror position in F-V10
Fixed steering wheel pivot point and moved LCD display for better view in Marcas Ford Focus
Fixed glass transparency issues in StockV8
Added final pit box skins for Stock Car 2015 teams
Removed excessive infield ad boards at Cordoba, Goiania and Guaporé
Build Feb/29:
Added Honda Civic to Copa Petrobras de Marcas
Added electronic aids as garage options for cars that have them (independent from gameplay aids)
Further fine tuning to default FFB, minimizng jerkiness from “parking lot” effects and added car-specific smoothing levels
Corrected alpha channel on tire textures of closed cockpit cars
Several UI fixes
fixed tyre material settings
Improved AIWs for Jacarepagua historic, Montreal Historic & Kansai
Fixed laps and position cockpit info position in F3
Fixed armco barrier sticking out through wall on oval layout
Fixed LF rim position & corrected tyre texture alpha channel of Metalmoro MR18
Build Mar/06:
Changed FFB levels and adjusted default settings both for better clarity as well as improving their default settings: instead of Low/Medium/High/Full, now Pure 360hz/Pure 180hz/Pure + Effects 1 / Pure + Effects 2 / Pure + Effects 3. Pure 360hz is the recommended for purest & higher fidelity FFB; Pure 180hz may be better suited for high end wheels with performance issues triggered by the high rates; The others add levels of extra “canned” effects from the game engine also se to 180 hz to avoid performance issues
Updated Java version for better compatibility with Win10 systems
Corrected errors with DynHUD fuel widget scaling & displays with imperial units
Initial pass of updated TV overlay graphics (still very early)
Various UI corrections
Max Framerate set to 120 by default for new profiles (consistent FPS is important to minimize tearing / stuttering)
Fixed bug with settings not being saved in the controller.ini when they should
Adjusted default AMS Config settings: Full Screen; remove advanced FSAA options as they don’t work; set to desktop resolution rather than 1920×1080 (please run Config again if you had any issues)
Added a message to the in-game lobby so people are aware the matchmaker needs to be accessed from the Steam client for now
Corrected various championship schedules & default rules for various series
Enhanced tire skid and scrub volume calculation and updated tire sounds for all cars accordingly
Scaled down Rental Kart chassis to more accurate dimensions
Reduced default mirror resolution marginally & adjusted Mirrors and cockpit POV for F301 & FV10
Fixed F-V10 rear right tire UV mapping
Fixed missing safety rollcage bar for Honda Civic external model
Corrected mirror positions in Lancer R & RS
Corrected Indian Momentum team not showing up for the F-Extreme
Fixed omni on chicane road meshes and added collision mesh to fence inside final turns for Taruma.
Fixed error with Lancer Rallycross in lower detail settings
Fixed CTD with lower circuit detail settings at Inter kart layouts
Fixed Foz pitlane layout causing excessive rattling
Fixed Interlagos DRS & tire rules
Small physics improvements to Supertruck, Lancer Rallycross & F-Extreme
Several minor AIW corrections for newer layouts
Fixed F-V10 head physics
Enabled refuelling for F-V10
Disabled advanced transmission code for sequential boxes until further developments
Minor AI behavior adjustments & improvements



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