Assetto Corsa – v1.10 Patch Available For PlayStation 4

Kunos Sumulazioni has made v1.10 patch available for Playstation 4 players of Assetto Corsa. This latest patch comes after a flurry of releases and updates on all platforms that support the Italian studio’s title. This patch is only available for the Playstation 4 and has a total file size of around 400 MBs. Here below is an overview of which issues have been addressed.

Full lList Of Fixes In Patch v1.10:

  • Fixed broken steering rotation on wheels including G29, T300
  • Fixed horn button on certain wheels
  • Fixed “Real Racer” trophy
  • Fixed force feedback setting in UI
  • Fixed wrong ghost car timing
  • Fixed sound problems on certain tracks caused by reverbs
  • Fixed Monza 66 invisible wall
  • Fixed track temperature

Assetto Corsa Porsche Vol 1

This week, XBOX One players were brought up to speed by Kunos with the first of three officially licensed Porsche DLC Packs and update v1.09 being released for the console. It is not yet known if the new patch is PS4 specific or that it may also be making its way to the XBOX some time soon.

The PC version of the game is still ahead of the two consoles in terms of the number of packs released to the platform. With two packs already released, it will be another ten days of waiting before PC players are able to download the final volume, which will be released on December the 20th. Moving forward, the team at Kunos are endeavouring to eventually have all platforms converging, which will make update timing and releases less fragmented.

PS4 Players of Assetto Corsa who happen to reside in the United States and Canada can purchase the title and DLC content receiving up to a 55% discount off the RRP! The Season Pass (which is available on the PS4 store) will allow players to pick up the Japanese Car Pack, Red Pack (originally not scheduled for release to the console), as well as the three Porsche DLC volumes at discounted prices.