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Team Redline’s Dom Duhan Sets WR Run At Nords

This past week, Team Redline’s Dom Duhan sets WR run at Nords in the Ferrari F138 from Assetto Corsa’s recently released Red Pack DLC! In the video we are treated to multiple views of the lap with commentary from Dom, informing us of how the car is set up and which gear he uses at certain points of the circuit.

Having been driven around Nords myself a few weeks ago with Robert van Husen and Team AdrenalinMotorsport, I can not imagine the Ferrari handling what, at some points on the circuit, are huge dips and bumps without spearing off into the German bush!

That said, it is an impressive and composed lap from Dom, whose Team Redline team mates happen to include the current iRacing world champions Greger Huttu, Olli Pahkala, Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and F1 star, Max Verstappen!

I am tempted to see if I can approach Dom’s time using my Oculus and his set-up for the Ferrari. Enjoy the video and let us know if you are inspired to break what may possibly be the fastest ever sim racing lap of the infamous and technical Nordschleife!


*Nordschleife Racing Today:

2000px-Circuit_Nürburgring-2013-Nordschleife.svgSeveral touring car series still compete on the Nordschleife, using either only the simple 20.8 km (12.9 mi) version with its separate small pit lane, or a combined 24.4 km (15.2 mi)-long track that uses a part of the original modern F1 track (without the Mercedes Arena section, which is often used for support pits) plus its huge pit facilities. Entry-level competition requires a regularity test (GLP) for street-legal cars. Two racing series (RCN/CHC and VLN) compete on 15 Saturdays each year, for several hours.

The annual highlight is the 24 Hours Nürburgring weekend, held usually in mid-May, featuring 220 cars – from small 100 hp (75 kW) cars to 700 hp (520 kW) Turbo Porsches or 500 hp (370 kW) factory race cars built by BMWOpelAudiMercedes-Benz, over 700 drivers (amateurs and professionals), and up to 290,000 spectators.

*source wikipedia