First Preview of Zandvoort in Assetto Corsa

Well…kind of a first look.  As always, the latest episode of Look What the Cat Hacked, featuring Kunos Simulazioni’s Stefano Casillo, gives an in-depth look at the coding of Assetto Corsa.  What is different about this episode is that it contains previously unseen content (at the 1:19 hr mark) from the upcoming Bonus Pack, in particular, Zandvoort.

The fervor over the impending release of the ex-F1 Dutch circuit is two-fold.  First, its a new track and Assetto Corsa needs new tracks like a man in the dessert needs water.  Second, it’ll be the first modern track in Assetto Corsa to not be laser scanned.  Panic in three, two, one…

Yes, the Bonus Pack Zandvoort will be akin to the Shelby Cobra that came out last year; starting life as a really good mod, cleaned up by Kunos and sent out as official content.  Kunos has stated that this is a unique situation and will not be the norm for future tracks (like Brands Hatch for example).

This is an interesting situation.  It brings back the old, “laser scan or death,” question.  Or was that “cake or death?”  Either way, it’s a very fractured subject.  Some people believe its laser scanned or nothing while others are okay with well done non-scanned tracks.

I will say that for me it varies.  I do prefer laser scanned tracks but it isn’t a must.  Hell, there’s even times I prefer one laser scanned track over another.  For example, I prefer iRacing’s laser scanned Spa over Assetto Corsa’s laser scanned Spa.  I find Project CARS non-scanned Spa to be about equal to Assetto Corsa’s.  On the other hand I prefer Assetto Corsa’s laser scanned Nordschleife over Project CARS’s non-scanned version by quit a bit.

Can a non-scanned track be just as good as a scanned one?  I think so.  Is that always the case?  No.  Think we’ll just have to wait to try out Assetto Corsa’s Zandvoort and see for ourselves.