CTDP Modding Team Transitioning to Assetto Corsa?

In this weeks edition of “rampant speculation based on a single photo,” we have this pic via the CTDP Modding Team showing off an open wheel car in Assetto Corsa.


The CTDP team made a name for themselves back during the hayday of rFactor with their Formula 1 mods, including F1 2005 and 2006.  But the past few years have been lean.  Back in a 2012 blog post, the team recognized the realities of building a high quality mod and the dedication it takes.  Now 2+ years later, other than a few screenshots of their stilborn CTDP 1994, nothing new has come down the pipeline.

This is what makes the screenshot significant.  Could a new direction revitalize one of the most recognizable names in sim modding?  I sure hope so.

Speaking of the picture, what car do you think we’re looking at here?