Assetto Corsa Press Event at Vallelunga – Previews

A few days ago, the guys over at Kunos Simulazioni hosted a press event at their headquarters at Vallelunga Circuit, to show off Assetto Corsa and what is to come in the near future. We are now starting to see some articles and videos covering the event, as well as some hints as to what we will see in the near future!Andreas Nie was also at the event, so we will also have some of our very own coverage for you to watch.

This video above is pulled from an interview from HyperTubeGaming, which is in Italian. I have to say, the LaFerrari at Spa looks incredible! You can definitely see improvements that have been made for Assetto Corsa’s graphics engine (which is set to come in the next update). Sadly, we can’t hear what the V12 hybrid supercar sounds like in the sim (and how the migration to FMOD changes the sound engine), but hopefully we’ll get our hands on it soon enough.

AC Pit Stop Assetto Corsa Damage

We also have seen previews of two features that will make their way to Assetto Corsa. Pit stops will be rolled out over time, first making their way to online events, and then singleplayer. While we do not know the extent of what it will bring, we can only hope for some endurance races! Above, you can also see a preview shot of a damaged Lotus Exige. While I will say that it looks to be rather underwhelming at the moment, we know that it is still a work in progress, and we will likely see it improving over time.

Cool video of Marco Massarutto driving a Nissan GT-R around Vallelunga

Also I recommend that you check out this article Eurogamer put out, covering the event. One big thing that stood out to me from this article was that they are stating the release date of Assetto Corsa 1.0 will be October 15th. That’s only twelve days away before you can check out the full version of Assetto Corsa! This article AssettoCorsaFan put out also provides some good information, including previews of the career mode that the sim will feature.

If you still haven’t purchased Assetto Corsa yet, time is running out to get it at a discounted price! During AC’s run on the Steam Early Access program, you will be game to get it for 20% off ($39.99 instead of $49.99). If the 1.0 version does drop on the 15th, that means you have less than two weeks before the price jumps up.


Are you looking forward to the full version of Assetto Corsa dropping later this month? Let us know in the comments!

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