Assetto Corsa Mod Round-Up February 16th Edition

Audi TT 2015 Cup Car


Tommy78, creator of the Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 mod, is back at it again, this time with the Audi TT Cup 2015 car.  The awesome looking – it’s like an angry porcupine – 310-hp Audi will be a staple on the DTM schedule this year in its single-make support series role.

The car appears to be early in its development but it looks like Tommy is making steady progress via the rate of new previews on his site.  In a sim racing world that usually lags years behind current generation cars, its nice to see someone producing quality cars that you can watch live on your TV.


Brno Circuit V1.0


I’ll admit, this one tugs hard at my heartstrings.  Back in circa 2006 I was elbows deep in SimBin’s fabulous GTR2 title and spent a good amount of my time navigating the tree-lined curves of Brno.  It’s been years since I’ve driven it and now its here in Assetto Corsa form thanks to Rafael Malagoli.  You’re my hero sir.


This isn’t the first rodeo for Rafael either, as he was responsible for bringing the very popular Suzuka Circuit to the sim.

But back to Brno.  The Czech Republic track features 30 pit boxes, 3D grass and TV cameras.  It still has some WIP components such as the track map, AI raceweekend mode, external landscape and vegetation, road textures and optimization.  It also has some known issues such as the AI being unable to leave or enter the pits (kinda a biggie) and mod cars getting ‘stuck’ between the track edges (also kinda a biggie).


I’m sure Rafael will get the bugs worked out and I’ll be running ALL my races there soon!  You can download the track here.


Sachsenring V1.1

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Pascal Martin of Passion-Meca has converted (with permission) the rFactor version of Sachsenring to Assetto Corsa.  Sachsenring has recently been in the sim racing news with its addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience at the end of last year.  Now its Assetto Corsa’s turn with a pretty impressive looking conversion (look at that grass!).

You can check out this German beauty for yourself here.


Formula Masters 2009 V1.1


The much ballyhoo return of the CTDP modding team with Formula Masters 2009 started off a little rough last week with some bugs – like only 180 degrees of steering lock – that made the cars a bit of a handful.  But now CTDP has alleviated these issues with the V1.1 update.  It appears like the team did a nice job correcting the community’s big complaints.  The entire update can be seen below and can be downloaded here.


Porsche 911 GTA Screenshots


International Endurance Racing has released some new renders of its Porsche 911 GTA, which will join the Corvette Daytona Prototype and Oreca FLM09 in the United Tudor SportsCar Championship mod.  The Porsche is about “95% done” and I think it looks gorgeous.  With a limited supply of Porsche’s in sim racing thanks to Porsche’s licensing department, its good to see at least one of these slip through the cracks.

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