Assetto Corsa: Lots Of New Videos

If you haven’t got your copy of Assetto Corsa, fear not as there’s no shortage of videos on You Tube now. The one above had me faked out into thinking  it was the new Thrustmaster TX wheel. In reality, it’s a converted T500 that a member of our community posted here.

You can join in on our community conversations on Assetto Corsa here as a matter of fact and tell us what you think.

Here we have  Team Radicals  doing some serious drifting at Silverstone National in the BMW MS E92. My guess is that it’s Pablo Lopez based on the Go Pro footage.

More from the Radicals with a comparison of the AC version of Valleluenga to the real life version

“Whats going on guys”.. Empty Box compares two similar cars at Silverstone in both rFactor and Assetto.

Finally, Alan Boiston of Team VVV is getting his feet wet on the PC and has his first look.

More from us on Assetto Corsa coming soon. This should be enough to keep you going if you haven’t got to try it yourself.