Assetto Corsa Dream Pack Arrives March 11th

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And now we know.  After many previews and much speculation, Kunos Simulazioni has pulled back the curtain and unveiled all the details of the Assetto Corsa ‘Dream Pack’ (1st addition…more on that later).  The pack which includes the Nürburgring-Nordschleife (3 configurations) and ten cars will be released March 11th at the price of $14.99 USD.  You can pre-order it from Steam today for $9.99 USD.  Pre-order sale expires on March 11th.

To celebrate the Dream Pack, Kunos has created a real nice page detailing all the content in the pack.  Hopefully this light reading can hold you over for the next week until release?  No?  Ok then.

What may be the most interesting part of the new page is it being called the ‘Dream Pack 1’.  Guess we’ll be seeing more in the future…which I think everyone is ok with.

I must also applaud Kunos for not only getting the pack out in the first quarter of the year – as promised – but releasing it at a reasonable price.  A lot of other developers attach big price tags to their add-on content and I think the $14.99 regular/$9.99 pre-order prices are very fair.

Click on the images below to preview the Dream Pack content.


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