Assetto Corsa Dev Diary 1 – V1.5 Coming March 31st

Yesterday, we speculated about the timeline for the release of V1.5 of Assetto Corsa, after it wasn’t mentioned in the Bonus Pack 2 announcement.  Today, developer Kunos Simulazioni puts that speculation to rest in a new Dev Diary that confirms a V1.5 release alongside the Bonus Pack on March 31st.

Besides the confirmation of release and a refresher on the track updates, the diary also sheds more light on the back story of Assetto Corsa’s newest track, the fictional Black Cat County.  Essentially, one of the car manufactures that Kunos is partnered with threw the idea out there of designing a circuit that isn’t necessarily racing based, but an entertaining real road to cruise on.  Thus, the three layout version of Black Cat County was created.

Assetto Corsa Bonus Pack 2 Build 1.5 7

Naturally, the track will still be raceable since you’re in control of your right foot, but it kind of gives me the impression of American Truck Simulator, where you just go for a nice relaxing drive.  The three layouts are “short”, “intermediate” and “long”, mind you, short takes over three minutes to complete.  All three have unique characteristics, with short being tight with switchbacks for drifting, intermediate having more medium speed corners and long is pure speed with sweepers and straights.

While I tend to lean more towards accurately recreated real-world tracks, Assetto Corsa does sound like they’re on to something with Black Cat.