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Assetto Corsa Competizione – Early Access Release 6 Sports Monza and the Nissan GT-R Nismo GTR

Release 6 of Assetto Corsa Competizione comes in a little late. Now, one could either be unhappy about the extra waiting time or one could admire the extra-long changelog that came out of it – we prefer the latter!

Not One But Two Cars and Of Course – Monza

Two? As the Nissan GTR GT3 was added in its 2015 – Assetto Corsa users will recognise this one – and 2018 iterations, this release does indeed add two cars. This month’s track is the infamous Autodromo Nazionale Monza / Monza Eni Circuit, in short, Monza – laser-scanned as per usual.

For many though, the various under-the-hood changes of this month’s Assetto Corsa Competizione update should be of great interest too. They include dynamic weather on Kunos’ servers, native D-Box SDK support, reworked replay cameras, a Blancpain telemetry-engineered MoTec Workspace and lots more.

IMPORTANT, before you go ahead and update, camera, game, graphical and menu settings will be lost as a result of the update. So, you might want to screenshot / write down the important ones in advance in case this could cause you any headaches.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Release 6 is now live on Steam and marks the last Steam Early Access Release before version 1.0, landing in the coming months.


– Added Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2018 model year.
– Added Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2015 model year.
– Added Monza Circuit.
– Driving (F1) cameras reworked: added two more driving cameras (dash pro – with car hidden intended for built cockpits – and far chase), game now remembers last used camera and added option to lock/hide driver and steering wheel per car. Lateral camera adjustment now also exposed in the View Settings.
– Camera movement settings now stored in Config/CameraSettings.jon, the old CameraOptionsEA.json is deprecated. General Movement adjusts movements in cockpit camera, Dashcam Factor adjust how much of that movement is transferred to the dash and bonnet cameras.
IMPORTANT: old camera settings will be lost.
– Look L/R now works correctly in helmet camera. Look L/R looks to the side mirrors.
– TV onboard (F6) cameras added for available cars.
– Free (F7) camera now available with Cinema HUD (open with mouse scroll button).
NOTE: this is NOT a full-feature camera mode, but allows players to enjoy visuals to a greater degree and take screenshots.
– Rewrite of multiplayer/gameplay code to improve stability and session progression.
– Ingame menus restructured and divided into Garage and Pause menu.
– Ingame HUD reorganised and added session status widget.
– New Radar widget added to HUD based on the popular app for the original Assetto Corsa.
– Updated configuration for dedicated servers, see https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/0-6-multiplayer-server-configuration-for-server-admins.54830/
– Introducing dynamic weather: (potentially) available on official Kunos Practice servers only until relevant game and UI features are added.
– Multiplayer sessions now emulate race weekends: rubber, dry line (general: weather and track status) represent the situation based on race day and time of day.
– UI and video settings are now stored in text files (…Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Config\menuSettings.json).
IMPORTANT: your previous menu, graphical and game settings will be lost.
– Added advanced video settings, including mirror resolution, sharpening filter, material quality level, temporal upsampling, volumetric fog, bloom, camera dirt effect and foliage.
– Default graphics settings adjusted to allow for higher performance without noticeable loss to visual quality.
– Added session type tags in the UI car selection page to help identify entries eligible in different race types.
NOTE: In quick race mode, the opponent field is generated based on the player’s choice of entry.
– Added model year tag in the UI car selection to help identify car models in different evo versions.
– Assist options will now reliably update when changed during a session.
– Further adjustments to headlight effects in TV cameras.
– More realistic full formation lap with AI.
– AI aggressiveness tuning.
– AI grid generation now takes into account real life driver skill. Quick Race grids are generated with more consistency.
– Number of opponents increased to track capacity: bigger fields are now possible as a result, the current limit depends on each individual track.
NOTE: Sprint races (both in race weekend and quick race modes) retain grid size limitation due to the number of available real-life entries.
– Improved raindrop effects on car windshields.
– Water spray from opponent cars now affects the player car’s windshield in a dynamic way, taking into account distance, speed and track wetness.
– Automatic wiper assist now reacts to water spray and not just rain.
– Improvements to the appearance of wet and damp track surfaces, especially in low-wetness ranges, which should improve the perception of track conditions.
– Improvements to car vs. track surface collisions.
– Audio channel usage optimization.
– Reworked and more reliable marshalling system with checkered, yellow, white and blue flags.
– Added new spotter messages.
– Added race communication alerts.
– Losing the server connection (e.g. by a server restart) will now trigger a permanent message.
– Important race communication alerts are displayed for a longer time.
– Better highlights overtake detection.
– Optimized CPU use on all threads.
– Optimized replay memory usage.
– Optimized netcode and bandwith usage for Multiplayer servers.
– Volume and audio settings now affect the intro music.
– Added video sequences volume.
– Fixes to various car LODs to reduce pop-in in racing scenarios.
– Adjusted driver position in the BMW M6 GT3.
– Adjusted driver steering animations.
– Adjusted wet tyre shader and added ambient occlusion on tyres.
– Fixed potentially wrong resolution and crashes when starting the game.
– Fixed multiple crashes occurring when quitting sessions.
– Fixed replay time multiplier not resetting on session change.
– Fixed potentially wrong car location detection.
– Fixed static car shadow fading out at high speeds.
– Improved tyre model combined grip.
– Improved tyre heat model, especially in overheat conditions.
– Tyre wear is now affected differently by different kerbs, concrete and other surfaces.
– Tweaks in preset setups for all cars (we highly advise to not use older setups).
– Improved vertical surfaces aero model.
– MoTeC Telemetry implementation.
– Setup Electronics page now includes a slider to select the number of telemetry laps to be saved at the end of a driving session.
– MoTeC ACC dedicated workspace, created from Blancpain telemetry engineer used for evaluating basic setup and driver performance.
– Added native DBox SDK support.
– Added option to enable/disable native Fanatec LEDs.
– Setup minimum fuel load set at 2 litres for all cars.
– Fixed Ferrari 488 GT3 wrong fuel visualization in setup screen.
– Steering ratio tweaks for all cars.
– Monza BoP A adjustments for all cars.
– Tweaks in tyres dirt accumulation and grip levels when going on grass and sand.
– Sand traps now slow the cars down.
– Fix to unreliable car spawn in certain situations.
– Flipped cars will automatically spawn in the pits.
– Severe cutting will result in immediate disqualification in any type of Multiplayer sessions.
– Ratings: Track Competence (TR) has improved feedback in the UI; you will see all the sectors necessary, so the progress is easy to understand.
– Ratings: Track Competence (TR) algorithm improved to reduce false positive aborts.
– Ratings: Consistency (CN) was rewritten during the refactoring; it should work similarly but has improved precision on various aspects.
– Ratings: Car Control (CC) largely improved algorithm and UI feedback. It is a lot harder to gain higher ratings, unless you are driving very well.
– Ratings: Car Control (CC) now understands the concept of turning the wheel too much, and give appropriate feedback.
– NOTE: Pace (PC) and Total (TO) ratings will be improved and adjusted during the days after this version.
– NOTE: The maximum number of all ratings will be set to 99 (instead of 100).
– Backend servers: improved reconnection stability.
– Backend servers: fixed multiplayer sessions not registering stats and laptimes in certain situations.
– Passworded servers can now be created.
– Single player Sprint Race Weekend mode reworked and now has forced tyre change and driver swap.
NOTE: Endurance Race Weekend game mode is temporarily disabled until supporting features and UI elements are completed (pit stops and penalties).
NOTE: Pit stop crew animations are temporarily disabled until full functionality is retained.
NOTE: The Broadcasting API is temporarily disabled

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