SimBin Audi 90 Quattro Dev Drive

SimBin has put a lot of work into their first all-wheel-drive car for RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) and now they want you to try it out.  In the first of many Dev Drives, Mark Reynolds takes the soon to be released Audi 90 quattro for a spin.  Mark, a friend of the show who talks with Darin frequently, does a nice job of introducing the Audi 90 around the tight and technical confines of the Hungaroring.  But Mark isn’t the only one who gets to drive the Audi 90 quattro.

Starting today (May 9th) until May 14th you too will be able to take the Audi 90 quattro for a spin in R3E.  All you have to do is fire up the game, visit the Audi 90 quattro dev-drive leaderboard and run it at the Hungaroring.  Once you done, make sure to share your feedback with the dev team on YouTube or on the SimBin Insider.  The car will officially be released on May 16th.

Clear your weekend calender, this looks fun.

  • Alan Dallas

    So I just turned a whole bunch of laps with this Audi. It’s Freaking Awesome!! I’ve been wanting to drive one of these since the first time I saw it race in the 1989 Trans AM series. And this take on it did not disappoint. I don’t know what SimBin did with the FFB on this one but to me it felt incredible. Sounds incredible also.

    • Marcus Reynolds

      Thanks Alan, did you use the suggested settings or something you were already using ?

      The tyre model in this car received some updates which surely helps the FFB.

      We are working super hard to improve both physics and ffb for all the content we currently have, but sadly we need to learn to walk properly before we can run, these hopefully are the first solid steps back in the right direction.

      • Alan Dallas

        I used the suggested settings for a Logitech DFGT. I have a Thustmaster TX on the way and will be giving that a workout soon as it comes in. :) I see myself spending a lot of time in R3E and pCARS lately and the DFGT is starting to show it’s limits.