rFactor2: Early Development Physics Blog

rFactor2: Early Development Physics Blog Brabham BT44B 1975. Now for something a little different! Michael Borda, the Virtual Vehicle Engineer at Image Space Incorporated has introduced a physics development blog on ISI’s official website.

Michael begins his blog by taking you through the process of optimizing vehicle physics in rFactor 2. The ultimate aim of this first instalment covers tackling migrating physics models from rFactor to rFactor2. Future spreadsheet releases will provide more detailed explanations during the process. Michael also thinks this is a great way to obtain feedback from the community, as well as the community using this blog, to learn more about programming physics of car and tyre models.

The example car that Michael has chosen for this first blog is the Brabham BT44B F1 car from 1975. This car will be a Steam exclusive development release. For those of you that like to get their virtual hands dirty, you can head over to Michael’s blog to learn more about basic car and tyre physics from an expert!






Engine Specifications Brabham BT44B:

Configuration – Ford Cosworth DFV 90º V8

Location – Mid, longitudinally mounted

Weight – 168 kilo / 370.4 lbs

Construction – Aluminium block and head

Displacement – 2,993 cc / 182.6 cu in

Bore / Stroke – 85.7 mm (3.4 in) / 64.8 mm (2.6 in)

Compression – 11.0:1

Valve train – 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC

Fuel feed – Lucas Fuel Injection

Aspiration – Naturally Aspirated

Power – 460 bhp / 343 KW @ 10,500 rpm

BHP/Liter – 154 bhp / liter