rFactor 2 May Roadmap Update – Zandvoort Announced

Studio 397 sticks with its newly-established tradition of monthly Roadmap Updates for rFactor 2 by releasing a new one for May. Amongst others, the licensing of Dutch Circuit Park Zandvoort is discussed.

DirectX 11 and the new UI

You may have already been able to try rFactor 2 in its new and shiny DirectX 11 look and you may have already experienced the updates that were added as part of the open beta test phase, which we explain here. For a stable DirectX 11 build, Studio 397 estimates to need “a few more weeks”.

Once that is released, focus will be moved towards the new UI.

Studio 397 also hopes to provide some info on how to correctly implement plugins in DirectX 11, since third-party plugins currently are not working in the DirectX 11 build of rFactor 2.

Existing content

If you own rFactor 2, you may have noticed some significant updates being pushed to you via Steam. These upgraded some of the existing content not only to DirectX 11 standards, but also included physics updates for existing cars.

The goal is to update most if not all of the existing content, but of course that requires time. Currently, Studio 397 is working on getting updates ready for Tiger Moth and the classic Belgium track as well as the F2 and the Marussia F1 car.

Future content

As you may remember from the previous Roadmap Updates, a Radical is coming and currently its development is progressing nicely. Studio 397 hopes for a release in June.

Moreover, the USF2000 oval package is nearly completed and will most likely release at the end of next week.

More cars are supposed to be revealed on social media #soon.


The big announcement of this month’s Roadmap Update is the addition of Dutch Circuit Park Zandvoort.

Studio 397 describes the state of the track as “early”, so do not expect a release too soon. If you happen to be near Zandvoort this weekend though, you will have the chance to try out the track during the Jumbo Racing Days, driven by Max Verstappen, in the rFactor 2 tent. Verstappen is supposed to set a benchmark lap and Team Redline will be there as well.

Some screenshots were provided too and you can view them below.

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