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rFactor 2 64-Bit Update Coming Soon

Posted by William Marsh

rFactor 2 brings a lot of innovation in the sim racing industry. However, it has been somewhat held back by being stuck in the 32-bit era. Well, that’s about to change, as Image Space Incorporated has announced that a 64-bit version of rFactor 2 is coming in the near future.

With a 32-bit environment, games are able to use around 4 gigabytes of RAM. While that was more than enough in older games, we’ve gotten to a point where, with dynamic environments and higher quality cars and tracks, 4GB isn’t enough. Migrating to a 64-bit environment allows for essentially not having to worry about RAM bottlenecks, and can utilize full capabilities of modern PCs.

According to ISI’s Senior Programmer, Jeremy Miller, 64-bit could be ready as soon as the next stable update, but it’s not a definite as of now. Other things to look forward to are updated version of all the GT cars (Nissan and Chevrolet), as well as the Howsten Stock Cars (some people have spotted them in testing servers).

Are you excited to rFactor 2 taking this next step forward? What content are you looking forward to seeing?


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