Sector3 Studios Show Unreal Engine 4 Powered RaceRoom Image

Well this is a juicy story.  After a post at VirtualR yesterday of an image from an anonymous source who said it was Sector3 Studios RaceRoom running on Unreal Engine 4, Sector3 CEO Chris Speed has not only confirmed that it’s technology their looking into but released an image that is much more indicative of the engine’s power.

The entire post from Chris can be seen below.

In hindsight of the recent ‘leak’ I thought it would be best to post something here for you guys.

What I can confirm is that we have a very small team investigating and evaluating newer technologies for the future as we always need to keep ourselves up to date with what’s out there and consider our options for whatever the future may bring. We are not working on a new game at this moment and RaceRoom remains our primary focus.

The leaked image is a very early and quite honestly not a very flattering one so it’s only right that I share with you something more recent and up to date. Enjoy 🙂

So lets unpack this.  First, it’s not uncommon for developers – or any creators – to go down paths researching new technologies.  It’s R&D.  This could amount to a dead end, although at this point, it maybe pretty hard to pump the brakes on the fans.  Also, Sector3 are looking for new programmers and both jobs list, “Experience with Unreal Engine 3 and 4,” as requirements…

Whether RaceRoom goes with the Unreal Engine 4 or not, my biggest takeaway from this is Sector3 is investing in fixing one of their biggest issues, DX9.  As we noted with all DX9 titles in our EVGA GTX970 FTW+ Review and Benchmark, they just don’t run well these days.  They require a lot of frames per second (fps) to run smoothly and do great when your lapping by yourself, but once around a group of cars, the fps tank and the experience is choppy.  This is because DX9 is not only dated technology but new graphics cards aren’t optimized for it anymore.  They’re optimized for DX11 and DX12.

After the benchmark I was actually quit concerned about RaceRoom’s future, stuck with antiquated technology.  Now I feel much better and the future looks a whole lot prettier.

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