Richard Burns Rally Video with Oculus Rift

Despite the popularity of modern rally titles, many sim racers still cling to Richard Burns Rally as the most authentic rally racing title available. Now, this landmark sim is being taken to the next level with the Oculus Rift! Kegetys has uploaded a new video, showing off a rally run through the virtual reality headset.

Richard Burns Rally was initially released in 2004 by Warthog Games. Despite Warthog Games folding in 2006, RBR has received a steady flow of support, thanks to the active community surrounding it. Oculus Rift support was introduced last year, and you can see how much more depth and authenticity it can bring to the sim. I enjoy seeing how much the driver looks around, and it’s an element that is overlooked in standard sim racing fare.

I’m still conflicted as to how Oculus Rift could be implemented in the long run. Personally, I’m not a fan of the “floating HUD” that Richard Burns Rally (and a few other sims) has, but RBR had the issue of not really having any other way to see gauges. However, the sense of immersions definitely appears to be there, which I like.

What are your thoughts on the Oculus Rift support for Richard Burns Rally? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Shanon

    Excited to be able to give this a try. iRacing is but lacks positional tracking so ichy feelings after a while.

    • 4szt4l

      It supports positional tracking, but it fixes the body. Which is quite real, because you can’t move under a 6-point harness…I’m okay with iR implementation.

  • Gregory Allen Doan

    to many neg’s on this for me to use. More then likely it would be to hot to ware for a long race in iRacing. And the button box’s and the price, I think I will pass, but you go right on…..

  • Tim Chitwood

    Looks like tunnel-vision to me. I know you supporters will swear it isn’t, but my triples let me see the front and sides at the same time.

    • 4szt4l

      You see in the OR DK2 what you would see in a closed-type crash helmet.

      • Tim Chitwood

        You love it, I see all the problems with it.

        • 4szt4l

          Seeing all the problems without owning one? You are the master, sir. If you owned one, you would never speak bs about tunnel-vision.
          I have triples as well, so maybe I can compare..

          • Kristofer Stoll

            Good one. Tim Chitwood should probably try one before he rants about “all the problems with it”. I have triples as well, and I have an original Rift DK and the DK2. I can tell you this… When playing a game like pCars with the Rift and you are Racing side bu side with another car, and you can turn your head and look through your window at the driver in the car next to you it changes your mind about VR. It isn’t quite where it needs to be yet resolution wise but it’s coming along very nicely. When the consumer version releases it will make many, MANY “Tim Chitwoods” eat their words. Believe it.

          • Tim Chitwood

            Here are SOME of the problems, You can’t see your button boxes, shifters, gauges… You are only able to see the screen inside the head piece so you can not look over and see anything or anyone around you. How many hours at a time does the manufacturer recommend you wear it a time? I can race for 12 hrs at a shot, just breaking to fill my mug with water and hit the latrine. It is just not for me. MAYBE when they get to a pair of over my glasses glasses I will be interested in it.

          • 4szt4l

            I know the buttons on my wheel, and even can use the buttons on my G27 shifter. Anyway, who looks at the shifter when shifting, lol.
            The gauges I see in the VR are more than enough for me. With HUD it does not even require any compromise. Once I bought DashMeter Pro, I will never use it again, that’s true. :-)
            You can mirror the display to another screen if it’s that important at some cost of FPS.
            There is no recommendation, if you feel bad, you should stop wearing it. After months of use, I can say I haven’t got the slightest sickness, I completely got used it.
            There is a set of lenses for people wearing glasses, so that’s not a problem.

            Although I understand your problems, but it just needs time to get used to, it’s literally a different world.

  • Me

    Maybe Dirt 4 will have decent Oculus support? Seems to me that rallying would/could be some of the most intense VR driving of all.
    Anytime now Codies…been waiting a looooong time for that one.

  • Leeman

    My problem with it is the issue of accessing and using your keyboard while wearing it. I would find that frustrating.