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USAC Sprint Cars coming to iRacing April 24th

Great news from iRacing with another addition to the already popular Dirt franchise. We can now expect to see on the 24th April 2017 the United States Auto Club – USAC – featuring the cars that compete in the AMSOIL USAC Sprint Car Championship.





These are basically Sprint Cars without the wings, which we see fairly frequently in iRacing already, however what will be interesting is how these beasts handle without the wings.  The cars are set-up to compensate for  the huge wing on the roll cage, so it will be interesting how the handling model is adapted to cope with equal amounts of torque and power on an already Bucking Bronco and no wing to keep the car in place!  I am not sure keeping it flat in the corners is going to be a good technique…..but we can always ask Billy, the front of all knowledge when it comes to Sprint Car racing.

For a bit of information USAC or the United States Auto Club is a sanctioned body for automobile racing in the US. From 1956 to 1997 USAC sanctioned the Indianapolis 500, and in more recent times sanctions racing series such as, the Silver Crown series and the National Sprint Car series. Interestingly both these cars are also in iRacing, albeit as a tarmac version, give them a go if you dare!

Having looked at the rules for the USAC Dirt Sprint Car, its a 9 page document, I am sure it’s far more complicated but could they not just make an amendment to the existing World Of Outlaw Sprint Car rules and regulations – Remove Both Wings – and you transform your car in 30 mins!

Of course I jest, being a huge fan of anything with an engine and has the ability to drift has got my attention straight away. It’s going to be a blast trying to tame these cars with careful application of your right foot!

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