Pininfarina Fittipaldi EF7 Coming to the Gran Turismo Franchise

Pininfarina has announced that its yet to be fully revealed limited edition track car, the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo, will be available in Sony’s Gran Turismo racing game series before its actual production. The car is set to be revealed on March 7 at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show and the company has already provided some sneak peeks of the car.

Who is Pininfarina, you ask?

In case you are not familiar with Pininfarina already, here is a quick summary.

Pininfarina is an Italian design studio based in Cambiano, Italy. “Pinin”, meaning “the youngest” in Piedmontese and also being the nickname of the company’s founder Battista Farina, makes up the company’s name together with Battista’s surname. Pininfarina was founded in 1930 and members of the Farina family have been part of board ever since. In 2014, Pininfarina was purchased by the Mahindra Group for around 168 million euros.

Interestingly, the studio started itself off with coachbuilding rather than design but World War II brought that to an end and the company has been focusing on automotive design ever since.

Over the years, Pininfarina has worked with various manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, GM, Lancia, Maserati and Peugeot and it is responsible for the looks of the Ferrari 250, Dino, F40, F355, F50, Enzo, F430, 458 and F12 Berlinetta, but also the Maserati Gran Turismo or the Jaguar XJ220, just to name a few. You may notice that I mentioned a lot of Ferraris, true, but Pininfarina played a major role in Ferrari’s history and it is being said that they are a very important contributor to Ferrari’s success today.

Enough history though, today Pininfarina wants to get back in the production business by building a car – but not just any car.

The Fittipaldi EF7, named after and also presented together with two-time F1 world Champion Emerson Fittipaldi, will feature a carbon fibre body, which will make the alleged weight of only 1000kg possible. It will also have a normally aspirated V8 engine with around 600hp. A low position of gearbox and engine will allow for an “unique” centre of gravity, as the press release states (You can check out the full release here). More information is supposed be revealed in the following days.

Now why is this important?

You might think “Well, this is just another one of those Vision Gran Turismo concept cars being announced for a game that isn’t even out yet anyway, so what’s the deal?”

Well, what this shows is that big companies are actually becoming more and more interested in sim racing and are now using it to everyone’s advantage. Companies now want to get their cars into games and not the other way around. By doing so, they get big public exposure and the players get new cars quickly, great for both sides!

And after the Forza and Ford partnership, or Assetto Corsa and Porsche, it is great to see yet another big name bring its pride and joy into a racing game.

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