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Logitech Z-5500 Mod With Clark Tactile Transducer

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Did some reading on tactile transducers and how they immerse you in a game like no mere speaker can and thought I'd give it a spin. I started with a used freebee 12" 4 ohm subwoofer, cut the center out leaving the voice coil intact, epoxied a 5/16" bolt with a stretch of lexan for a support and borrowed a friends 1000 watt car amp.

Uhhh..... am I the only one that hasn't felt this kind of low end seat-of-the-pants rumble? Wow is an understatement! I'm sold on the difference between a transducer and a subwoofer. Gotta have one of these on my sim rig!

So.....I started thinking. I have a Logitech Z-5500 I bought off craigslist for 20 bucks (needed the satellites for my sim) . It was missing the control head as most of these failed leaving an amp, subwoofer and 5 nice satellites basically useless. I found a guy on Ebay that makes a bypass cable for these units, allowing full use of the 500 plus watts. 25 bucks with a volume control and RCA inputs for the Yamaha sub outs, on the way. WAY cheaper than having to buy an amp.  I took the amp out of the Z-5500 sub box and mounted it to the front of my sim in a Lexan housing . Easy enough. Now onto the bigger issue. The first problem is the RS-1 derivative I built is that it is based on a 2x4 platform giving me exactly 3.5" of clearance under the seat. Certainly no where near enough room for my home made 12" modded subwoofer transducer anyway. Time to elevate the rig. I had a set of new 4" casters that came with a stationary storage cabinet I purchased a few years ago. This netted me another 5.5" of height, Still not enough and even it it was, the speaker is rated @ 4 ohms, not the 8 ohms required by both the Yamaha receiver (providing low level input) or the Logitech Z-5500 amp, which is rated at 188 watts to the sub @ 8 ohms. If I understand correctly, this basically doubles the watt output of the amp and probably leads to things like overheating. So...I opted for a few transducers. Luckily they are ALL a LOT smaller than my home built monster sub transducer. I opted for a Clark TD 209 and a Dayton puck style transducer for the pedals, both rated @ 4 ohms. Wired in series with one another it brings their perspective demands back to a comfy 8 ohms...at least that's my understanding. The rubber wheels should provide be the isolation required to prevent the reverberations from going through the entire house. That's the goal anyway. The goodies should be in tomorrow. I got the wheels and amp mounted tonight, ready for the two tactiles. I'll post pictures of the assembly tomorrow and look forward to reporting back as to if it's really "all that".

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The Clark Transducer arrived today as well as the patch cable for the Logitech Z-5500. I mounted the dedicated Transducer amp to the front of the sim and ran RCA speaker out low levels from the Yamaha to the Z-5500. I almost think it doesn't matter as I think the Logitech subwoofer on the amp that feeds the Clark Transducer probably has it's own built in high level filter to prevent highs from ever reaching the sub. If I'm reading the amp specs right, the sub out will go from 100hz down to 1hz, and do so with over 180 watts @ 8 ohms respectively. In comparing amps between my Pinnacle barn burner and the Z-5500 I must say Logitech designed this amp to be played hard and loud. The torridal transformer is a dead giveaway as well as the robust heat sink...that puts my Pinnacle AND my Infinity amps to shame. I realize I may be sacrificing some of the mid to highs that are capable on the Clark, but man oh man does the lows kick you in the seat! I mounted the Clark Transducer directly under the platform that holds the seat, right next to the computer power supply. This sim is made of wood. Wood conducts and sends shockwaves to areas of the body I didn't even knew existed...hehe. The Dayton Puck hasn't been mounted yet...I have to recess it in a piece of wood then mount it to the back of the Fanatec Elite Pedal mounting platform which if time allows, I'll do this evening. Thus far and with only one transducer I must say I'm impressed. I've played a few minutes on Forza and a few minutes on CODBO. Both, though impressive in a new added sensation to the game, I have to say CODBO rocks beyond measure. I presume the low sounds of automatic gunfire or an improvised explosion raising you out of your seat adds a feel of realism a normal subwoofer simply cant match. If this ol country boy had to sum it up in a few words i guess I'd simply have to say the Clark has turned my sim INTO a VERY low level speaker you can feel.

post-11678-0-28447400-1359501739_thumb.j Here is a view of the wheels I added. It raises the sim at least 6 inches overall and seems to work as an effective vibration dampener.



View of the front of the Logitech Z-5500 plate amp. I removed the amp from the sub box and mounted it to a plexiglass box that I secured to the front of the sim.



This is the location of the Clark Transducer. The wires around it are from the computer power supply that controls the Lexus 8 way electric seat and some sound activated LED lighting

post-11678-0-43412000-1359502027_thumb.j This is the tiny little "puck" transducer. I haven't mounted it yet, but will go behind the board that holds the CSR Elite pedals



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Hmmm. The Dayon puck. First, I purchased it to mainly bring the 4 ohm Clark back up to the 8 ohms the amp puts out. (Two 4 ohm speakers wired in series nets 8 ohms) That being said, I haven't mounted them yet...I have tested it though. Will I be able to "feel" it in the pedals? Probably so. Impressive like the Clark? Not really. More like bolting a vibrator to your pedals, and reminds me of the the vibrator built into my CSR wheel.

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