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Frex/80/20 cockpit plan

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I don't have a drawing program so I'm hoping you can understand my description below. I am planning to build a seat/pedal rig (steering wheel mount already sorted) from 80/20 pr Frex parts. I do need to build in some rise to make it work w existing stuff I have.

Here is what I was planning

2 x 120cm laid lenghtwise

3 x 45cm join crosswise

Across each of the back two 45cm crosswise parts, 3 x 9cm laid vertically (for a small rise)

then 2 x 45cm laid crosswise across those

then 2x45cm laid lengthwise to join the last two crosswise members

then a small MDF platform that the seat itself will mount on

clear as mud....

Basically what it gets to is a 120x45 rectangle on the ground, with a 45x45x9 "cube" sitting on top of it to raise the seat.

Question is will this be strong/rigid enough. Should i put the 9cm risers on the front/back of the "cube" as above, or the side. Or another way to do this would be to build the 120x45 rectangle and just put the whole thing on 9cm "legs".

Would really appreciate some guidance here.

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Hi Matt, I have some experience with this--let me see if I can help.

Firstly, why are you going metric? Are you here in the US?

The design you are envisioning will be stable enough but how do you plan to join all those pieces? The most basic way would be L-brackets but it will take quite a few of them. By just building a stack of 8020 extrusions well....this is going to be one heck of an expensive seat riser.

Let me calculate in inches since that is what I'm familiar with. If you use 6X18" 1515 lite (1.5 x 1.5) and 6 X 4" 1515 Lite, and 22 L-brackets that is going to come to about $124.30, not including the bolts, t-nuts, and cut charges. You'll end up with around $150 just to lift the seat approx 9" off the ground.

I don't know your means or budget but there are easier, more stable and less expensive ways.

Let me know your thoughts--I'm sure we can discuss some ideas here and find a better way. Maybe other people reading can get some ideas too if they are doing something similar.


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Hi - I moved from the US to Dubai last year so i'm all metric now...

There is no source of 8020 here in the UAE as far as I can work out, so I was looking at buying the parts from Frex. The shipping cost is high but at least controllable/known. This is known as the "Dubai tax" among expats here, we get used to it (though the lack of actual tax kind of makes up for it!).

I dont want to spend a fortune (or I'd just buy a Visionracer) but I am interested in stability. Certainly appreciate any thoughts. Am not exactly handy with MDF which is why I was going modular route despite higher cost.

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I have worked with 8020 and mostly Bosch T-Slot Extrusion. Bosch has much more in the metric line of products. 8020 now has metric smooth wall like Bosch, but limited options! I emailed Bosch to see if they have a supplier near you. Hope to have a reply by the weekend?

http://www13.boschrexroth-us.com/Framin ... px?units=1

Theirs Hope


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Here is the reply to my email request on Bosch T-Slot info.

Thank you for your request, we cannot sell our product outside of the United States. Please visit the following website and put in the country unit and it will advise where your friend can purchase this product from.

http://www.boschrexroth-us.com/country_ ... /index.jsp

http://www.boschrexroth.com/business_un ... /index.jsp


Pamela Kohn

Customer Service Representative

Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies

816 E. Third Street

Buchanan, MI 49107

Phone: 1-269-697-5243

Fax: 1-269-695-3446




I did a quick check of eBay germany and found this.

http://shop.ebay.de/athomemarket/m.html ... &_osacat=0

You could also check 8020inc 0n eBay. Shipping, if available would be pricy!


Email us at mmeyer@8020plus.com or call us direct at 260-248-8030 x 3334

Hope this helps.


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