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Random loss of FFB

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Hey guys. I've had my Fanatec CSR wheel and CSR Elite pedals since May. I haven't really had any issues with it, on my Xbox360 or my PS3 until recently. This has only happened twice, in "Race Pro" for 360, and "WRC 2" for PS3. I will be playing, and suddenly just lose the Force Feedback. The vibration will still be there, but any amount of weight just dissapears. Even after I power cycle the wheel, it doesn't come back. Only after I completely turn off the console and start everything over again does it come back. When it happened in Race Pro, I thought it was just the game itself, since the game is riddled with bugs and all kinds of stupid issues due to a developer/publisher that just didn't give a damn. But now, it just happened on WRC 2. I paused the game to check my gamma settings, and when I un-paused, it re-paused itself again, then when I un-paused for the second time, the weight, damper, spring, etc...any amount of feeling other than vibration was totally gone. I power cycled the wheel, put it in PS3 mode, and the game no longer recognized it at all. Couldn't cycle through menu's or use the wheel/pedals in game.

Anybody have any idea what might be going on?

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