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rFactor Mods 101

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Hi Guys,

I've being trying to like rFactor but I just get frustrate with it and found myself back training with NKPro or LFS.

I got real feel working, I set the cockpit as I like and even I manage to learn the shortcuts for info screens. However, I can't get the mods . Or it overwrites everything I had before (Enduracers Porche mod) or they don't appear in the game, or I need to change all wheel setting to play with a car. I really like the rFactor Central website, but if I would prefer to subscribe iRacing instead of paying for their services, which by the way should be sharing the profits with the modders. Anyway....

What I'm doing wrong? I just would like to choose a car and race it around a nice track. Why it is so difficult?

Is there a manual how to add mods into rFactor without messing around it?

Thank you

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Rfactor mods can be painful to install i found that downloading the mod onto my desktop and then placing the files from my desktop to the relavant folders in Rfactor was the best way to do it, However i think that with all the discounts available for iracing at the moment you should seriously consider it!! i did last year and have gone back to Rfactor LFS GTR evo once or twice in that time, put simply iracing could only be bettered if there was the freedom for modders to get their grubby mits on the code so that more vehicles were available in shorter periods of time that said anyone new to the service has lots to choose from..

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