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Mounting CSL Elite base to GT Omega Wheel Stand
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Hi Guys,

Was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with mounting the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base to the wheel deck / plate of the GT Omega Wheel Stand, and if so, what you did to address the mounting problem.

The problem is exactly the same as seen in the video where John mounted said base to his Next Level Racing rig. The 3 threaded holes in the bottom of the wheel base form a triangle, and only the two bottom holes of that triangle are drilled for in the wheel deck / plate of the GT Omega wheel stand. This results in the wheel base rocking back and forth quite a bit.  

Has anyone successfully drilled a third hole in the wheel plate of this specific wheel stand using the drilling template Fanatec provides? On the underside of the plate there is a hollow rectangular bar that runs through the center of it, and the edge of the wheel plate that faces the driver folds in and under itself.  

I have tried to find some one selling the 20° mounting adapter that comes with the CSW wheel base, but with no luck. Fanatec does offer a file you can download to 3D print a 3 hole to 4 hole adaptor bracket, but I don't own or know anyone who owns a 3D printer, and last I checked people were saying to have it printed for you through 3D printing services offered online that in the end it would end up costing you an additional $80, which I do not have because I spent what I had on the wheel, pedals, and stand.  

I have also searched for a bracket offered by anyone else like ricmotech for example, and it appears one does not exist. Have any of you ever seen one?  

Anyway any information anyone can provide regarding this topic would be SO VERY MUCH appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read and have a nice day!  

P.S. I will add some pictures of the underside of the wheel plate as soon as I can!



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Hi Mark, not a problem, more than happy to help. For mounting the wheel I later discovered after posting, that it actually mounts ok and is pretty tight just with the two out of three holes, no movement or rocking like I thought there would be as seen in John's video mentioned above. I did manage to track down a friend with a 3D printer who made the conversion bracket and sent it to me but I have not yet tried it. As for the pedals, they mounted to the pedal plate just fine using the main two outer holes of the pedals' heel plate, again nice and tight with no movement in any direction what so ever during use... hope that helps :-)

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