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F1 Cockpit For Sale
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Cockpit is for sale. $2795, here are the details:




The skeleton/frame is 8020 Black 1515 Lite Smooth Aluminum extrusions. The skin is varying thicknesses of MDF panels. The chassis breaks down into 5 modular pieces, and breaks down further if need be.
The seat is molded from 2-Part Polyurethane expandable foam, 2 lbs density per cubic foot, and covered in velour. Its molded to fit my body. I'm 5' 9" and 170 lbs. You could strip the velour off and carve out some of the foam and re-pour a mold for yourself if you wanted to.
The steering is a Thrustmaster T300 with Ferrari F1 Add-on wheel and the cover removed, and the pedals are custom F1 style w/ DSD 12Bit controller w/ 100kg Load Cell, and load cell amplifier w/ adjustable gain knob.
The pedal box rotates for tilt and is height adjustable, and the nose section telescopes fore/aft. The steering moves up/down, fore/aft and is adjustable for tilt.
Two of Creative 5.1 speakers are utilized as "mirrors" and the subwoofer is housed in the airbox with the subwoofer level knob accessible at the back of the airbox. The volume control is in the cockpit. Numerous buttons and knobs in the cockpit are connected to Derek Speare button controller.
The top plate above the steering wheel has a front portion that can be removed if you want to put a monitor close to the steering wheel. You could also put a big monitor in front of the nose, and obviously this rig is perfect for VR.
The engine compartment is built around the computer case, which is an AeroCool Strike-X Air.
The livery is vinyl wrap from ebay and the logo decals are all homemade on my inkjet printer.
The amp you see behind the engine is a Dayton SA-100 Subwoofer Plate Amplifier that powers a Clark Synthesis Silver Transducer bolted to the back of the seat.
The rig includes the steering wheel, pedals, button controller, speaker system, pedals w/ load cell and DSD circuit, subwoofer amp, clark silver TST239 transducer, and computer case with 750 watt psu and dvd burner. No other computer components in the case. I have since removed the motherboard and cpu since they were relatively dated. So that's about $1200 worth of components apart from the chassis itself that are included.
This is local pick up only in San Diego North County (Vista, CA). If you decide to come pick it up, the cockpit can break down into smaller pieces but you still better bring a truck with like a 8 foot bed, or a small UHaul to fit all the pieces.
I'm happy to have someone else pack it and ship it anywhere, but I won't do it. If someone wants to pay a company to come pack it up and then ship it somewhere, that's fine with me. Obviously, I can break it down into pieces for anyone hired to pack and ship it.
Feel free to ask any questions, and thanks for looking!


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