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Need help making my whole setup allot quiter if it is possbile

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So for starters I'm on a desk setup number one I don't have the room to make a dedicated rig and also I wouldn't really want to for several reasons. I do play various games fps games every now and then but mainly allot of 3ds max work, photoshop work and various other bits and pieces so I'd really like to keep my space as it suits me nice for those pieces.


The gear I have at the moment is:


Clubsport v3 pedals mounted to a wooden base and damn it's loud through the floor on the clutch.

T300 wheelbase the wheel is not a problem it's perfectly fine no issues there. 

I just bought a fanatec clubsport sq shifter and straight away realised it's too loud using the clamp on the desk as it's echoing through the wooden desk and downstairs,  my dad was moaning as it's loud downstairs apparently when shifting but it is loud up here aswell. 

My goal really is to possible keep racing at night even though I don't think that's going to be possible :( at all to be honest I could do it with my g27 setup but i doubt i will be able to with the gear I have now. I'm considering getting another chair without arms and I could mount the shifter under there I tried with this chair but when you take the arms off the chair falls apart lol so that's a no go at the current moment, I've added bits of foam to the metal part of the pedals where they snap back and that's quitened that aspect down but I don't think I can do a whole lot with the clutch pedal because of how it is. I am considering possibly plasti dipping the wooden base it may insulate some of the sound but I'm not entirely sure on that I've currently got it sitting on top of a yoga mat so it's not straight on the floor.  

Do you reckon there's anything I can do to quieten the shifter down maybe foam inside where the gates hit?  


Here is a picture of my setup I've made a few changes since but here is a basic overview :) 




So guys what do you think any help/ suggestions would be hugely appreciated as I want to get on and go hard aha but the noise limitation is holding me :( 


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I have the same shifter, it's hard mounted on an an 80/20 post so it's stiff. Sure It is quite loud at the end of a gear change. Inside the unit the gears engage within a gated plate, it's quite tight so not sure how possible it would be to dampening the post, or gates stops. It's easy to dismantle the shifter, the 4 bolts on the top. And then slowly lift as there's a small cable that you need to unplug too. I think some of the noise for you is generated from being mounted to the desk and getting noise from the desk moving, monitor etc. All adding to the overall noise output.

It sounds like you've done as much as you can with the pedals. You could maybe use thick rubber washers between the pedals base and the wooden plate to isolate the pedals further.

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