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2.4H EnduRacers @ Daytona - 14th January 2017
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2.4H EnduRacers @ Daytona
A multiclass & 144min. long race on a legendary track. Happy new year !

rFactor 2
> EnduRacers - ESP2 | EnduRacers - ESGTE
@ Daytona - Road Course
Server : SimRacing-GP.net_24H

This Special Event is scheduled for Saturday 14 January, in UTC time :
@ 16:00 > Qual. : 2 consecutive Hotlaps within 10min., in Private mode
@ 16:10 > Warmup : Take a break / Practice Pit-Stops
@ 16:20 > Race: 144 min.
> Rolling Start : Turn 1 being dangerous, Drivers will be asked to not overtake before Turn 2 !

Server will be restarted around 15:00 UTC.
Check your local time on the website by selecting your TimeZone (top-right corner)
16:00 UTC = 16:00 London = 17:00 Paris = 11:00 NewYork = 8:00 LosAngeles

Server passworded on race day : only registered Drivers can access the Server.
Join us & Share some Fun ;-)

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Already 14 Entries out of 42 spots for this Special Event !
Join the fun :):-)

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