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Found 39 results

  1. Hi all, I´ve got a question about the old EnduRacers Endurance Series mod for rfactor. Does anyone know if somebody converted it to rfactor 2? In case you are wondering: I´m not talking about the already released one in the community workshop with the Ligier, GTEs and the Flat6. It would be cool to drive with the old GT1s and LMP2 Porsches again in rf2. Please let me know!
  2. World's fastest gamer by McLaren on RFactor2 second live qualifying race happened only yesterday. after our interview with the winner from the first qualifier Rudy van Buren last week here on SimNews.TV. Jake Sparey is once again on hand to get Jeffrey Rietveld in for an interview after his win this weekend. take the chance to get to know these winners that will be competing in the next round in September #wfg
  3. Rudy van Buren sits down with Jake Sparey for an interview on SimNews.TV reflecting back on his World's fastest gamer qualifying win by McLaren Learn more about how the incredible GPVWC.com and VBMotorsport racer ticks and looking forward to the next round of the competition.
  4. Game: rFactor 2 Mod: Enduracers GTE v1.50 Track: Sepang / Malaysia you can use all of the GTE cars for the time trial. 1. Time Trial Day: saturday july 29 to sunday july 30. You can only set official times from saturday july 29; 12:00 PM to sunday july 30; 12:00 PM BST. 2. There will be a practise server available 1 month in advance. All times set before july 29; 12:00 BST are NOT official. 3. There will be money prizes awarded to the 3 fastest drivers: 1st place: € 75,- 2nd place: € 50,- 3rd place: € 25,- 4. You are only eligible for prize money if you can submit a rfactor 2 hotlap replay file of your lap. 5. You must have a PayPal account to receive your cash. No PayPal no cash. 6. SRO staff can enter this event but are not eligible for any prizes. 7. Register for the timetrial the same way you do for all other events. 8. By registering for this timetrial, you have stated that you have read the Sim Racing Online Racing Rules and Regulations and are bound by them. http://www.simracingonline.co.uk/threads/sim-racing-online-racing-rules-and-regulations.126/ Pay special attention to this rule: 2.7 Off-Course Excursions The competitor is required to follow the marked course during the competition and shall not gain an advantage by an off-course excursion. 'Off-course' is defined as leaving the marked course with all four wheels. The definition of the term 'advantage gained' will be left up to the sole discretion of the Race Steward(s) and may include when a driver goes all four-wheels-off on the exit of a corner, or was deemed to be an unnatural and/or unrealistic racing line. Penalties may be assessed for an off-course excursion that Steward(s) decide it affords an advantage to the offender. 9. Infraction of the rules as stated in point 8 will exclude you from any prize money. Server will be online Monday 26 June 24/7 New members most welcome simracingonline.co.uk
  5. F1SR will be holding its first rFactor2 Endurance event on the June 17-18th weekend. We are looking for drivers from all around the world to compete. Join the conversation at www.f1sr.co.uk
  6. Common button functions

    I'm in the process of redesigning my rig with new hardware and currently researching parts to build a custom handbrake but since i need to buy a controller board to map the axis i got to thinking it would be a waste to only use 1 input. I havent decided on which board im going to use (dsd, bodnar, arduino, etc) but any board i buy will have multiple button/axis inputs i dont want to waste. I'm thinking of making a button box (not sure exactly where i'll mount it just yet) but from doing research on pre-fabricated units and community diy models i got to thinking what exactly would i use it for? What are some common functions across multiple games that you or people you know have mapped to button boxes? Aside from engine start, up/down/left/right inputs, enter, pause, escape, what functions do you find you use on a regular basis while driving? The sims i play are the codemaster F1 series, rfactor 2, iracing, and soon looking into asseto corsa. My new rig will have VR incorporated so i'd like to map it out in a way that i can navigate menu's with just buttons so i don't have to look for my mouse/keyboard blind but aside from the control functions i talked about above i'm not sure what car functions are worth putting on it.
  7. F1SR rF2 2017 League Round 3 Bahrain Race timings: Official Practice: 20:00 BST - 60 Minutes Qualifying: 21:00 BST - 30 Minutes Warmup: 21:30 BST - 10 Minutes Race: 21.40 BST - 32 laps View live session info here - http://f1sr.liveracers.info/Live Join us at www.F1SR.co.uk for rFactor2 League racing and more, we have a great community of sim racing drivers from all corners of the world.
  8. SimNews.TV

    SimNews.TV is a youtube channel and facebook page dedicated to simracing across all platforms and leagues. shows are on a regular two week schedule. Our newest video is below: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh0qxKh7kS0[/youtube]
  9. Season 2 of the Virtual Endurance Championship gets under way 30/04/17 with a test race at Barcelona Championship consists of 8 rounds with round 1 Mid Ohio on 14/05/17 You sign up for the whole championship that guarantees you a place on the grid in every round if you can't make a race you just unregister from that race only. Everyone welcome Free racing at simracingonline.co.uk
  10. F1SR ASR 92 League Round 9 Spa Round 9 of our ASR 92 League from the Spa-Francochamp circuit in Belgium. Race timings: Official Practice: 20.00 UK GMT - 60 Minutes Qualifying: 21.00 - 25 Minutes Warmup: 21:25 - 10 Minutes Race: 21.35 - 24 Laps + 1 formation lap 92 Pole Time: 1:50.545 92 Fastest Lap: 1:53.791 http://f1sr.liveracers.info/Live?server=F1SR F1 92 League RD9
  11. RFactor2 Developers wanted!

    Hi there, we are looking for a developer or a team of developers who can help in the following: 1. Investigate and find the best way to protect custom built tracks and kart models on rfactor2 We are building custom tracks and kart models for rfactor2 which we want to sell as a license to our customers. What we are trying to achieve is that we only provide access to our tracks and kart models whilst the customer has a subscription to use them. The pathways we want to protect are: C:\rFactor2\installed\vehicles C:\rFactor2\installed\locations There is a config file in rfactor2 where you can change the destination of where these files are stored. 2. Build an ecommerce solution to allow subscriptions through web. As well as this we need a back end solution where we can manage subscriptions and a frontend solution where customers can sign up and pay. For payments we want to use PayPal. Customers will be able to buy a certain number of tracks/cars and the amount they pay will depend on how many they want to purchase. 3. Customise rfactor2 Online Gaming Customise the rfactor 2 online gaming experience and user options to allow us to hold custom online races for the UK karting community and help with other rfactor2 menu customisations. If you feel you can help us out with any of the above and for further info please contact us on: harrison_scott@me.com
  12. Live Stream Round 8 of our ASR 92 League from the Estoril circuit in Portugal Race timings: Official Practice: 20.00 UK GMT - 60 Minutes Qualifying: 21.00 - 25 Minutes Warmup: 21:25 - 10 Minutes Race: 21.35 - 35 Laps + 1 formation lap Free Practice: F1SR rFactor2 Server 92 Pole Time: 1:13.041 92 Fastest Lap: 1:16.272 Live race times: http://f1sr.liveracers.info/Live?server=F1SR F1 92 League RD8
  13. Porsche 917K

    Round 1|60 Minutes|Silverstone GP 1975|12-03-2017 Register for the league HERE
  14. Round 7 of our ASR 92 League from the Hockenheim circuit in Germany. Race timings: Official Practice: 20.00 UK (London) Time - 60 Minutes Qualifying: 21.00 - 25 Minutes Warmup: 21:25 - 10 Minutes Race: 21.35 - 28 Laps + 1 formation lap 92 Pole Time: 1:37.960 92 Fastest Lap: 1:41.591
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v19NTwGfSo8 Round 5 of F1SR.co.uk ASR 92 League from the 1988 Monaco circuit. Stream will start 10 minutes before the official practise session. Race timings: Official Practice: 20.00 GMT Time - 60 Minutes Qualifying: 21.00 GMT - 25 Minutes Warmup: 21:25 GMT - 10 Minutes Race: 21.35 GMT - 33 Laps + 1 formation lap Live timings can viewed at http://f1sr.liveracers.info/Live
  16. Sim Racing Online Sports Car Championship 2017 Introduction: Welcome to the inaugural Sim Racing Online Sports Car Championship. This March 40 teams will meet to test their skills of endurance around 7 world class tracks. Driving some of the best cars in racing history from the URD endurance X mod to try and win the championship. Could your team be the one to take the crown in 2017! Features: The championship will be contested over 7 rounds. The racing will take place on famous circuits from all over the globe. Daytona, Bathurst, Silverstone, Le Mans, Virginia International Raceway, Suzuka, Road Atlanta, Will play host to the championship. Into the mix will also be the weather. Two championships are up for grabs P2 and GTE. The 24 hours of Le Mans will be run as a standalone event. Bathurst and Virginia International Raceway will be GTE only events. Live Action: All races will be broadcast live by our media team so even if you are not racing you can watch the events and join in the conversion on our social media pages. Car Class: P1: (Le Mans Only) Aura |Audi R18 Darche |Porsche 919 Shiro |Nisan GTLM P2: (Not used at Bathurst and Virginia International Raceway) PX2 Revolution GTE: Am |Aston Martin Vantage Bayro |BMW Z4 Covette C7R Darche| Porsche 911 RSR Ferruccio|Ferrari 458 Venom|Dodge Viper All tracks will be placed in a download. The mod to be used is from United Racing Design HERE. The PX mod and the EGT mod This is what both mods will cost. £12.90, €15.30, $15.98
  17. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=FmI0L2fYuw4&pli=1
  18. Like rFactor2 ? Does the ASR 92 Mod do it for you ? F1SR.co.uk are live streaming their F1SR ASR 92 League, Round 2 at Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexico tonight. Prac 20:00 GMT : Quali 21:00 GMT : Race 21:35 GMT : 35 Laps https://gaming.youtube.com/c/F1srUk/live
  19. Raceday Madness @ Daytona Tired of watching the real Daytona 24H ? Take a break & join the "Raceday Madness" ! The "Raceday Madness" challenge consists in a series of 6 races, 24 laps long, every 4 hours. The first 3 will feature the EnduRacers-GTE whereas the last 3 will use the EnduRacers-P2. You are free to participate in as many races as you want... or you can Raceday schedule - UTC (check your local time on the website) Sat. 28 @ 18:00 > Early Race : ES-GTE Sat. 28 @ 22:00 > Evening Race : ES-GTE Sun. 29 @ 02:00 > Night Race : ES-GTE Sun. 29 @ 06:00 > Graveyard Race : ES-P2 Sun. 29 @ 10:00 > Early Brids Race : ES-P2 Sun. 29 @ 14:00 > Crunch Time Race : ES-P2 Server : SimRacing-GP.net_24H Join us & share some Fun !
  20. rFactor 2 using the enduracers mod Round 1: 8th January 2017 Information http://www.simracingonline.co.uk/forum2/categories/g-e-a-r-virtual-world-endurance-s1.282/
  21. Time to start teasing USF2000 Sprint Series A series of 5 short races to discover the newly released USF2000 on classic US tracks ! Pictures asap Schedule #1 : Friday 2 December, 20:00 (UTC) > USF2000 Sprint @ Indy GP #2 : Friday 9 December, 20:00 (UTC) > USF2000 Sprint @ Mid-Ohio #3 : Friday 16 December, 20:00 (UTC) > USF2000 Sprint @ The Glen #4 : Friday 23 December, 20:00 (UTC) > USF2000 Sprint @ Palm Springs #5 : Friday 30 December, 20:00 (UTC) > USF2000 Sprint @ Road America Check your local time on the website by selecting your TimeZone (top-right corner) Each Round will follow the same format : Practice : 30 min. / Qual. : 2 Hotlaps (Private mode) / Race : 30 min. Drivers Championship Each Round uses the same Point Scheme : - No point awarded in Qual. - Race Points depend on both the Driver's position and the Grid size Teams Championship For each Round, the Team scores the average of its Drivers points. Join us & Share some fun !
  22. RFactor2 with CSL base

    I decided to take a break from iracing and try rfactor2 with my new fanatec setup (CSL base, CSW Universal Hub, CSR Elite Pedals). The CSL base isn't been recognized/detected in rf2. If i connect the CSR elite pedals by themselves it is recognized and works, but no steering. Is it just that there is no support for the new wheels yet in rf2 or am i missing something?
  23. EnduRacers ES-P2 Challenge Revise your classics ! From Fri. 11 Nov 2016, 12:00 (UTC) to Mon. 12 Dec 2016, 12:00 (UTC), SimRacing-GP organizes the EnduRacer ES-P2 Challenge : rFactor 2 > EnduRacers - ESP2 @ Le Mans '91-96 @ Matsusaka - Grand Prix @ Sebring - 12H Course LE @ Silverstone - GP/GT Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_Challenge" All file links available on the website. The Challenge format is meant for hotlapping & pickup races. Every 1 hour at 30, the Server starts a 15min. Race if 3 Drivers are connected, otherwise it switches to the next track. Only registered Drivers can post Hotlaps during Qual. and score Points during Races. Have Fun !
  24. The Rookie League : BMW E90 The Rookie League is a special series, targeted for people new to sim racing or with little online experience. We aim to provide friendly competition and learning at the same time. The SlowMotion's BMW E90 - WTCC'08 will be our unique vehicle and, in order to enhance the experience, the Drivers will compete in two Divisions, according to their skills. Schedule Each Round will follow the same format : 30min. Practice / 15min. Qual. / 30min. Race #1 : Sunday 6 November, 20:00 (UTC) > E90 @ Monza #2 : Sunday 13 November, 20:00 (UTC) > E90 @ Oschersleben #3 : Sunday 20 November, 20:00 (UTC) > E90 @ Slovakiaring #4 : Sunday 27 November, 20:00 (UTC) > E90 @ Valencia #5 : Sunday 4 December, 20:00 (UTC) > E90 @ South Shore #6 : Sunday 11 December, 20:00 (UTC) > E90 @ Atlanta MP #7 : Sunday 18 December, 20:00 (UTC) > E90 @ Sebring 45' Special 45 min. Race ! Check your local time on the website (20:00 UTC = 20:00 Britain = 21:00 Europe = 15:00 US East = 14:00 US Central = 12:00 US West) Drivers Championship As the Series title suggests, it is mainly turned towards new comers. However, a Drivers Championship is on the line for those who prefer to race for more than just fun Furthermore, the Division system allows Exerienced Drivers to join the Group and share some tips ! Each Division will crown its Champion, who will be the Driver with the most Points at the end of the 7 Rounds. All the Rounds will use the same scoring scheme. To allow for more flexibility, the worst result for each Driver will be dropped, covering one missed Round. Teams Championship A unique Team Championship will be held in parallel to the Drivers championship. Teams can be formed by Drivers from both Divisions. For each Round, the Team will score the average of all its Drivers Points. Drivers are asked to not change Team during the Series. Join us & Share some fun !